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Curwen, David; Kraft, George J.; Osborne, Thomas; Shaw, Byron H. / Demonstration of low input strategies for potato/vegetable production on irrigated sands
[DNR-059] (1989)

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Sands Area (Poprtage County) while grower C was located in
northwestern Wisconsin (Barron County) as shown in Figure 1.
0      60
Figure 1. Location of BMP demonstration study fields
Each grower provided a 40 acre, center-pivot irrigated field
having sandy soils and a relatively shallow depth to groundwater. The
BMP program was used on one-half of the field (20 acres) and was
compared to the grower's production practices on the other half. The
cooperation of the three growers is acknowledgeOand greatly
appreciated since the demonstrations were not without economic risktq.V,
them.                                                            (.       U '
Fields A and B are in the Central Sand Plain Aquife    &6mprised
of undifferentiated sand and gravel of the Pleitcene Horicon
Formation (Clayton, 1986).   It consists of 20 to 150 feet of slightly
gravely sand deposited by braided streams o    glacia  meltwater flowing
westward from end moraines in eastern Portage County. CFd       is
located in the sand and gravel outwash of the Red Cedar River plain.
The aquifer materials were also deptQe     by braided streams fed by
glacial meltwater and range from 100 tso 20    eet thick in the vicinity
of Field C (Zaporozec, 1986; Trotta and    oter, 1973). No silt or
clay beds were observed in bore holes or well construction reports at
any of the study fields. Tverae!Id          4th to the water table was 6
feet at Field A, 15 feet aet Field B an   3      r -             -----
The soils at Field A consist, intirely of roscomnmon muck (IMollic
Psamnaquent, mixed, frigi  which/has about a 9-inch organic surface

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