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Minerals yearbook 1989


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook 1989
Year 1989, Volume 1
Washington, D. C.: Bureau of Mines : United States Government Printing Office, 1989
1 volume : illustrations

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[Title page], pp. i-ii

Foreword, Ary, T.S. pp. iii ff.

Acknowledgments, Rogich, Donald G. pp. v ff.

Contents, pp. vii-viii

Survey methods and statistical summary of nonfuel minerals, Osmint, Jeffrey B.; Smith, Stephen D. pp. 1-39 ff.

Mining and quarrying trends in the metals and industrial minerals industries, Tanner, Arnold O. pp. 41-75 ff.

Abrasive materials, Austin, Gordon T. pp. 77-96

Advanced materials, Sorrell, Charles A. pp. 97-111 ff.

Antimony, Llewellyn, Thomas O. pp. 113-121 ff.

Arsenic, Loebenstein, J. Roger pp. 123-126

Asbestos, Virta, Robert L. pp. 127-134

Barite, Ampian, Sarkis G. pp. 135-147 ff.

Bauxite, alumina, and aluminum, Sehnke, Errol D.; Plunkert, Patricia A. pp. 149-178

Beryllium, Kramer, Deborah A. pp. 179-184

Bismuth, Jasinski, Stephen M. pp. 185-188

Boron, Lyday, Phyllis A. pp. 189-197 ff.

Bromine, Lyday, Phyllis A. pp. 199-206

Cadmium, Llewellyn, Thomas O. pp. 207-210

Calcium and calcium compounds, Miller, M. Michael pp. 211-215 ff.

Cement, Johnson, Wilton pp. 217-244

Chromium, Papp, John F. pp. 245-270

Clays, Ampian, Sarkis G. pp. 271-304

Cobalt, Shedd, Kim B. pp. 305-315 ff.

Columbium (niobium) and tantalum, Cunningham, Larry D. pp. 317-331 ff.

Copper, Jolly, Janice L. W.; Edelstein, Daniel L. pp. 333-386

Diatomite, Davis, Lawrence L. pp. 387-388

Feldspar, nepheline syenite, and aplite, Potter, Michael J. pp. 389-396

Ferroalloys, Neuharth, Clark R. pp. 397-414

Fluorspar, Miller, M. Michael pp. 415-425 ff.

Gallium, Kramer, Deborah A. pp. 427-430

Gem stones, Austin, Gordon T. pp. 431-450

Germanium, Llewellyn, Thomas O. pp. 451-454

Gold, Lucas, John M. pp. 455-482

Graphite, Taylor, Harold A., Jr. pp. 483-492

Gypsum, Davis, Lawrence L. pp. 493-501 ff.

Helium, Leachman, William D. pp. 503-508

Indium, Jasinski, Stephen M. pp. 509-513 ff.

Iodine, Lyday, Phyllis A. pp. 515-521

Iron ore, Kuck, Peter H.; Cvetic, Cheryl M. pp. 521-563 ff.

Iron oxide pigments, Mickelsen, Donald P. pp. 565-573 ff.

Iron and steel, Peters, Anthony T. pp. 575-598

Iron and steel scrap, Brown, Raymond E. pp. 599-622

Kyanite and related materials, Potter, Michael J. pp. 623-626

Lead, Woodbury, William D. pp. 627-654

Lime, Miller, M. Michael pp. 655-665 ff.

Lithium, Ober, Joyce A. pp. 667-674

Magnesium and magnesium compounds, Kramer, Deborah A. pp. 675-689 ff.

Manganese, Jones, Thomas S. pp. 691-703 ff.

Mercury, pp. 705-708

Mica, Davis, Lawrence L. pp. 709-717 ff.

Molybdenum, Blossom, John W. pp. 719-727 ff.

Nickel, Kirk, William S. pp. 729-739 ff.

Nitrogen, Cantrell, Raymond L. pp. 741-754

Peat, Cantrell, Raymond L. pp. 755-764

Perlite, Bolen, Wallace P. pp. 765-767 ff.

Phosphate rock, Stowasser, William F. pp. 769-787 ff.

Platinum-group metals, Loebenstien, J. Roger pp. 789-799 ff.

Potash, Searls, James P. pp. 801-815 ff.

Pumice and pumicite, Bolen, Wallace P. pp. 817-820

Quartz crystal, Ober, Joyce A. pp. 821-823 ff.

Rare earths: minerals and metals, Hedrick, James B.; Templeton, David A. pp. 825-844

Rhenium, Blossom, John W. pp. 845-847 ff.

Salt, Kostick, Dennis S. pp. 849-872

Construction sand and gravel, Tepordei, Valentin V. pp. 873-887 ff.

Industrial sand and gravel, Bolen, Wallace P. pp. 889-903 ff.

Selenium and tellurium, Edelstien, Daniel pp. 905-912

Silicon, Gambogi, Joseph pp. 913-922

Silver, Reese, Robert G., Jr. pp. 923-940

Slag-- iron and steel, Owens, Judith F. pp. 941-949 ff.

Soda ash, Kostick, Dennis S. pp. 951-967 ff.

Sodium sulfate, Kostick, Dennis S. pp. 969-979 ff.

Crushed stone, Tepordei, Valentin V. pp. 981-1008

Dimension stone, Taylor, Harold A., Jr. pp. 1009-1017 ff.

Strontium, Ober, Joyce A. pp. 1019-1026

Sulfur, Morse, David E. pp. 1027-1052

Talc and pyrophyllite, Virta, Robert L. pp. 1053-1059 ff.

Thallium, Llewellyn, Thomas O. pp. 1061-1079 ff.

Titanium, Lynd, Langtry E.; Hough, Ruth A. pp. 1081-1101 ff.

Tungsten, Smith, Gerald R. pp. 1103-1118

Vanadium, Hilliard, Henry E. pp. 1119-1135 ff.

Vermiculite, Potter, Michael J. pp. 1137-1139 ff.

Wollastonite and zeolites, Potter, Michael J.; Virta, Robert L. pp. 1141-1143 ff.

Zinc, Jolly, James H. pp. 1145-1174

Zirconium and hafnium, Hedrick, James B.; Templeton, David A. pp. 1175-1186

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