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Minerals yearbook: Area reports: international 1971


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook: Area reports: international 1971
Year 1971, Volume 3
Washington, D. C.: Bureau of Mines : United States Government Printing Office, 1971
1 volume : illustrations

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[Title page], pp. i-ii

Foreword, Osborn, Elburt F. pp. iii ff.

Acknowledgments, Schreck, Albert E. pp. v ff.

Contents, pp. vii-viii

Minerals in the world economy, Kimbell, Charles L.; Morgan, George A. pp. 1-66

Algeria, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 67-76

Angola, Mozambique, and Portuguese Guinea, Stipp, Henry E. pp. 77-86

Argentina, Koelling, Gordon W. pp. 87-98

Australia, Wyche, Charlie pp. 99-117 ff.

Austria, Broderick, Grace N. pp. 119-130

Belgium and Luxembourg, Fisher, Frank L. pp. 131-142

Bolivia, Cammarota, V. Anthony, Jr. pp. 143-151 ff.

Brazil, Noe, Frank E. pp. 153-170

Bulgaria, Michalski, Bernadette pp. 171-177 ff.

Burma, Wininger, Donald C pp. 179-186

Canada, Ryan, J. Patrick pp. 187-206

Chile, Moore, Lyman pp. 207-219 ff.

China, Klingman, Charles L. pp. 221-235 ff.

Colombia, Koelling, Gordon W. pp. 237-245 ff.

Cyprus, Shekarchi, E. pp. 247-251 ff.

Czechoslovakia, Michalski, Bernadette pp. 253-261 ff.

Egypt, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 263-270

Finland, Klinger, F. L. pp. 271-280

France, Shekarchi, E. pp. 281-302

Gabon, Stipp, Henry E. pp. 303-306

East Germany, Huvos, Joseph B. pp. 307-315 ff.

Federal Republic of Germany, Brantley, F. E. pp. 317-345 ff.

Ghana, Stipp, Henry E. pp. 347-352

Greece, Corrick, John D. pp. 353-363 ff.

Hungary, Huvos, Joseph B. pp. 365-376

India, Taylor, Harold A., Jr.; Sweetwood, Charles W. pp. 377-391 ff.

Indonesia, Pajalich, Walter pp. 393-403 ff.

Iran, Carleton, David A. pp. 405-417 ff.

Iraq, Carleton, David A. pp. 419-426

Ireland, West, J. M. pp. 427-433 ff.

Israel, Eilertsen, Donald E. pp. 435-441 ff.

Italy, Kuklis, Andrew pp. 443-463 ff.

Japan, Wang, K. P. pp. 465-502

Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, Reed, Avery H.; Clarke, Robert G. pp. 503-513 ff.

North Korea, Fulkerson, Frank B. pp. 515-521 ff.

Republic of Korea, Drake, Harold J. pp. 523-531 ff.

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Carleton, David A. pp. 533-545 ff.

Liberia, Stipp, Henry E. pp. 547-552

Libya, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 553-558

Malaysia, Cole, John W. pp. 559-566

Mexico, Ashley, Burton E. pp. 567-580

Morocco, Briggs, Ted C. pp. 581-590

Netherlands, Cservenyak, Frank J. pp. 591-603 ff.

New Zealand, Clifton, Robert A. pp. 605-611 ff.

Nigeria, Greenspoon, Gertrude N. pp. 613-619 ff.

Norway, Klinger, F. L. pp. 621-635 ff.

Pakistan (including Bangladesh), Petkof, Benjamin pp. 637-642

Peru, Noe, Frank E. pp. 643-660

Philippines, Brown, Brinton C. pp. 661-677 ff.

Poland, Michalski, Bernadette pp. 679-686

Portugal, Fisher, Frank L. pp. 687-695 ff.

Romania, Huvos, Joseph B. pp. 697-707 ff.

Sierra Leone, Stipp, Henry E. pp. 709-712

Republic of South Africa, Kennedy, James S.; Murchison, Roderick G. pp. 713-737 ff.

Territory of South: West Africa, Kennedy, James S. pp. 739-745 ff.

Spain, Corrick, John D. pp. 747-765 ff.

Sweden, Klinger, F. L. pp. 767-780

Taiwan, Wang, K. P. pp. 781-791 ff.

Thailand, Wood, H. B. pp. 793-806

Tunisia, Merwin, Roland W. pp. 807-812

Turkey, Shekarchi, E. pp. 813-820

U.S.S.R., Strishkov, V.V. pp. 821-871 ff.

United Kingdom, Reno, Horace T. pp. 873-885 ff.

Venezuela, Koelling, Gordon W. pp. 887-898

Yugoslavia, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 899-913 ff.

Zaire, Schroeder, Harold J. pp. 915-921 ff.

Zambia, Greenspoon, Gertrude N. pp. 923-930

Islands of the Caribbean, pp. 931-950

Central American countries, Ashley, Burton E. pp. 951-968

South American areas, Whitman, Robert A.; Reed, Avery H. pp. 969-978

Albania, Denmark (including Greenland), Iceland, and Switzerland, Huvos, Joseph B.; Klinger, F. L.; Willard, David G., et al. pp. 979-1002

Other African areas, pp. 1003-1057 ff.

Other Near East areas, Carleton, David A.; Michalski, Bernadette pp. 1059-1074

Other Far Eastern and South Asian areas, pp. 1075-1100

Other South Pacific Islands, pp. 1101-1111 ff.

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