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Minerals yearbook: Area reports: domestic 1964


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook: Area reports: domestic 1964
Year 1964, Volume III
Washington, D. C.: Bureau of Mines : United States Government Printing Office, 1968
1 volume : illustrations

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[Title page], pp. [I]-[II]

Foreword, Memmott, Frank C. pp. III ff.

Acknowledgments, Merrill, Charles W. pp. V-VI

Contents, pp. VII-VIII

Statistical summary, D'Amico, Kathleen J. pp. 1-47 ff.

Employment and injuries in the mineral industries, Moyer, Forrest T. pp. 49-64

Alabama, Reed, Avery H., Jr.; Simpson, Thomas A. pp. 65-81 ff.

Alaska, Malone, Kevin; Holdsworth, Phil R. pp. 83-104

Arizona, Larson, Leonard P.; Biggs, Paul pp. 105-133 ff.

Arkansas, Stroud, Raymond B. pp. 135-155 ff.

California, Davis, L. E. pp. 157-214

Colorado, Bieniewski, Carl L.; Harstead, Joseph N. pp. 215-260

Connecticut, Krickich, Joseph pp. 261-268

Delaware, Gustavson, Samuel A. pp. 269-271 ff.

Florida, Shirley, Lawrence E.; Vernon, Robert O. pp. 273-294

Georgia, Vallely, James L.; Furcron, A.S. pp. 295-309 ff.

Hawaii, Ashizawa, Roy Y. pp. 311-318

Idaho, Knostman, Richard W.; Petersen, Norman S. pp. 319-343 ff.

Illinois, Dawes, Richard E. pp. 345-374

Indiana, Klyce, Donald F.; Fox, Mary B. pp. 375-394

Iowa, Aase, James H. pp. 395-407 ff.

Kansas, Diamond, W. G., et al. pp. 409-435 ff.

Kentucky, Riley, Harold L.; McGrain, Preston pp. 437-454

Louisiana, Grandone, Peter; Jones, Owen W.; Hough, Leo W. pp. 455-482

Maine, Kusler, David J. pp. 483-491 ff.

Maryland, Eilertsen, Nils A. pp. 493-502

Massachusetts, Irani, Meherwan C. pp. 503-511 ff.

Michigan, Klyce, Donald F. pp. 513-534

Minnesota, Heising, L.F.; Sikich, M.G. pp. 535-558

Mississippi, Kendall, Nicholas A.; Moore, William H. pp. 559-571 ff.

Missouri, Kuklis, Andrew; Hayes, William C. pp. 573-602

Montana, Hale, W.N.; Knostman, R. W. pp. 603-627 ff.

Nebraska, Sheridan, Matthew J.; McRoberts, David M.; Harstead, Joseph N. pp. 629-640

Nevada, Davis, L. E.; Ashizawa, Roy Y. pp. 641-662

New Hampshire, Feitler, Stanley A. pp. 663-667 ff.

New Jersey, Krickich, Joseph pp. 669-682

New Mexico, Burleson, W. E.; Biggs, Paul pp. 683-712

New York, Feitler, Stanley A. pp. 713-740

North Carolina, Sweeney, John W.; Conrad, Stephen G. pp. 741-754

North Dakota, Raabe, R.G.; Koch, Charles A. pp. 755-766

Ohio, Krickich, Joseph pp. 767-798

Oklahoma, McDougal, Robert B.; Ham, William E. pp. 799-827 ff.

Oregon, Gray, Jerry J.; Kingston, Gary A. pp. 829-843 ff.

Pennsylvania, Kerr, James R. pp. 845-890

Puerto Rico, Panama Canal Zone, the Virgin Islands, and Pacific Island possessions, Robertson, Harry F.; Cadilla, Jose F.; Ashizawa, Roy Y. pp. 891-898

Rhode Island, York, Harold F. pp. 899-902

South Carolina, Shirley, Lawrence E.; Johnson, Henry S., Jr. pp. 903-915 ff.

South Dakota, Stotelmeyer, R.B.; Koch, C.A.; McGregor, Duncan J. pp. 917-929 ff.

Tennessee, Boyle, James R.; Hardeman, William D. pp. 931-949 ff.

Texas, Netzeband, F.F.; Pierce, Harold F.; Girard, Roselle pp. 951-997 ff.

Utah, Howes, Merwin H.; Stotelmeyer, R.B.; Harstead, Joseph M. pp. 999-1026

Vermont, Kerr, James R. pp. 1027-1033 ff.

Virginia, Kusler, David J.; Calver, James L.; York, Harold F. pp. 1035-1064

Washington, Hale, William N.; Gray, Jerry J. pp. 1065-1081 ff.

West Virginia, Kerr, James R. pp. 1083-1104

Wisconsin, Grosh, Wesley A. pp. 1105-1125 ff.

Wyoming, Meeves, H. C.; Koch, C.A. pp. 1127-1152

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