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Minerals yearbook: Metals and minerals (except fuels) 1964


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook: Metals and minerals (except fuels) 1964
Year 1964, Volume I
Washington, D. C.: Bureau of Mines : United States Government Printing Office, 1965
1 volume : illustrations

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[Title page], pp. [I]-[II]

Foreword, Memmott, Frank C. pp. III ff.

Acknowledgments, Merrill, Charles W. pp. V ff.

Contents, pp. VII-VIII

Review of the mineral industries (metals and nonmetals except fuels), Wang, Kung-Lee; Johnson, Edward E. pp. 1-44

Review of metallurgical technology, Higbie, Kenneth B.; Wells, Rollien R. pp. 45-64

Review of mining technology, Babcock, Clarence O. pp. 65-77 ff.

Technologic trends in the mineral industries, Wideman, F. L. pp. 79-103 ff.

Statistical summary, D'Amico, Kathleen J. pp. 105-151 ff.

Employment and injuries in the metal and nonmetal industries, Moyer, Forrest T. pp. 153-163 ff.

Abrasive materials, Ambrose, Paul M. pp. 165-184

Aluminum, Stamper, John W. pp. 185-209 ff.

Antimony, Moulds, Donald E. pp. 211-221 ff.

Asbestos, May, Timothy C. pp. 223-235 ff.

Barite, Cole, John W. pp. 237-246

Bauxite, Williams, Lloyd R. pp. 247-269 ff.

Beryllium, Eilertsen, Donald E. pp. 271-278

Bismuth, Moulds, Donald E. pp. 279-284

Boron, Miller, William C. pp. 285-295 ff.

Bromine, Miller, William C. pp. 297-302

Cadmium, Schroeder, Harold J. pp. 303-310

Calcium and calcium compounds, Peterson, E. C. pp. 311-317 ff.

Cement, Barton, William R. pp. 319-348

Chromium, Holliday, R. W. pp. 349-359 ff.

Clays, Cooper, James D. pp. 361-385 ff.

Cobalt, Lynde, Harold W., Jr. pp. 387-394

Columbium and tantalum, Stevens, Richard F., Jr. pp. 395-411 ff.

Copper, Wideman, F. L. pp. 413-461 ff.

Diamite, Petkof, Benjamin pp. 463-466

Feldspar, nepheline syenite, and aplite, Wells, J. Robert pp. 467-474

Ferroalloys, DeHuff, Gilbert L. pp. 475-487 ff.

Fluorspar and cryolite, Peterson, E. C. pp. 489-505 ff.

Gem stones, Petkof, Benjamin pp. 507-514

Gold, Ryan, J. Patrick pp. 515-536

Graphite, Cole, John W. pp. 537-544

Gypsum, Barton, William R pp. 545-554

Iodine, Miller, William C. pp. 555-560

Iron ore, Reno, Horace T. pp. 561-592

Iron and steel, Whitman, Robert A. pp. 593-625 ff.

Iron and steel scrap, Whitman, Robert A. pp. 627-650

Iron oxide pigments, Reno, Horace T. pp. 651-655 ff.

Kyanite and related minerals, Cooper, James D. pp. 657-662

Lead, Moulds, Donald E. pp. 663-697 ff.

Lime, Barton, William R.; Cotter, Perry G. pp. 699-708

Lithium, Eilertsen, Donald E. pp. 709-713 ff.

Magnesium, Williams, Lloyd R. pp. 715-724

Magnesium compounds, Williams, Lloyd R. pp. 725-734

Manganese, DeHuff, Gilbert L. pp. 735-754

Mercury, Shelton, John E. pp. 755-766

Mica, Petkof, Benjamin pp. 767-781 ff.

Molybdenum, Holliday, R. W. pp. 783-794

Nickel, Ware, Glen C. pp. 795-808

Nitrogen , Lewis, Richard W. pp. 809-824

Perlite, May, Timothy C. pp. 825-828

Phosphate rock, Lewis, Richard W. pp. 829-850

Platinum-group metals, Ware, Glen C. pp. 851-863 ff.

Potash, Lewis, Richard W. pp. 865-880

Pumice, May, Timothy C. pp. 881-887 ff.

Quartz crystal (electronic grade), Petkof, Benjamin pp. 889-892

Rare-earth minerals and metals, Parker, John G. pp. 893-902

Salt, Kerns, William H. pp. 903-918

Sand and gravel, Barton, William R.; Cotter, Perry G. pp. 919-942

Silicon , Morning, John L. pp. 943-950

Silver, Ryan, J. Patrick pp. 951-974

Slag: iron-blast-furnace, Barton, William R.; Cotter, Perry G. pp. 975-980

Sodium and sodium compounds, Kerns, William H. pp. 981-988

Stone, Barton, William R.; Cotter, Perry G. pp. 989-1014

Strontium, Peterson, E. C. pp. 1015-1017 ff.

Sulfur and pyrites, Ambrose, Paul M. pp. 1019-1040

Talc, soapstone, and pyrophyllite, Wells, J. Robert pp. 1041-1048

Thorium, Baroch, Charles T. pp. 1049-1056

Tin, Shelton, John E. pp. 1057-1073 ff.

Titanium, Stamper, John W. pp. 1075-1099 ff.

Tungsten, Stevens, Richard F., Jr. pp. 1101-1118

Uranium, Baroch, Charles T. pp. 1119-1139 ff.

Vanadium, DeHuff, Gilbert L. pp. 1141-1149 ff.

Vermiculite, May, Timothy C. pp. 1151-1154

Water, Kerns, William H. pp. 1155-1170

Zinc, Schroeder, Harold J. pp. 1171-1207 ff.

Zirconium and hafnium, Parker, John G. pp. 1209-1217 ff.

Minor metals and minerals, pp. 1219-1244

Index, pp. 1245-1258

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