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Bennett, B.S.K. (ed.) / The Pacific bee journal
Vol. 5, No. 10 (October, 1902)

The Pacific bee journal: Vol. 5, No. 10 - October, 1902,   p. [237] PDF (296.5 KB)

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The Pacific Bee Journal
Published by the Pacific Bee Journal Co., 237 E. Fourth St., Los Angeles, Cal.
$1.00 per Year.            OCTOBER, 1902.             Vol. 5, No. 10
Los Angeles Co. The honey crop is
Honey Crop.     about all shipped and
sold. Some bee men
are holding for 51/2 cents, as it is now
believed that the noney crop for com-
ing season in Southern California will
be less than fifty carloads.
Honey Bee men of this county state
Crop.   that the honey output this sea-
son will be very light. Los
Angeles county will not produce over
twenty carloads and not more than
forty are expected from San Bernar-
dino, Riverside, San Diego and Ven-
tura. The cause of the light gathering
is laid to the absence of late rains.
Most of the bee men will have to feed
their bees through the winter.
Bee        The petition of Earl Long-
Nuisance.  street and others for the
abatement of a nuisance
alleged to be caused by keeping bees
in and near the vicinity of the public
road on Vernon avenue between Fig-
ueroa street and Vermont avenue, was
referred to Supervisor Wilson for in-
Take Away Robert Dunn of Castaic
Bees.       Cafion has petitioned the
Board of Supervisors to
please take the bees out of his hay
Dunn has a hay field with a great
crop ready to cut. It's just across the
road from *a big apiary of 300 stands
of bees belonging to one L. E. Mercer.
He can't get anybody to bale the
hay or cut it while the bees persist in
being so neighborly. He has asked the
Board of Supervisors to declare the
apiary a nuisance.
The matter was referred to the Dis-
trict Attorney.
Mercer's   It is now up to the board
Bees.      of supervisors to abate the
honey-bee  nuisance  in
Castaic cation and as to whether an
injunction will be secured against the
bees or a civil suit begun against
their owner to force him to herd them
within his own boundaries, has not yet
been decided upon by the board.
Assistant District Attorney Jones
wrestled with the legal problem of the
truant bees yesterday, and finally sub-
mitted an opinion to the supervisors
that Mr. Mercer must keep his bees off
his neighbors' farms, as they were
a common nuisance being so thick
and so aggressive that the said farm-
ers could not cut their hay without
painful efforts, while travelers in the
cation generally had a hard time of it.
Riverside F. R. Hall, of Riverside,
County.   is shipping a car of honey
from Redlands east today.
Small     Bee men have finished ex-
Surplus.  tracting and packing comb
honey for this year, and
a number have already sold their pro-
Shipped  H. E. Wilder is over from
a Car.   West Riverside today. He
will ship a carload of honey
on Thursday, and thinks it will be the

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