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Leahy, R. B.; Doolittle, G. M., 1846-1918 (ed.) / The progressive bee-keeper
Vol. VII, No. 9 (Sep. 1, 1897)

[Advertisements],   pp. 245 ff.

Page 245

a cork or wooden plug. As the feeder
is only an inch wide, there is no need
of a float, as the bees can easily reach
either side, and crawl out, no matter
whether they get under the syrup or
not; and thus none stick fast in the
syrup to drown.
Before closing, I wish to say that the
month of September is the proper time
to prepare bees for winter, and it
should not be put off till cold weather
arrives, as very many are prone to do.
Where done later in the year, the bees
cannot get their stores in place, all
surrounding them, as they do during a
good season, which is the best condi-
tion to insure good wintering, as all
know. Then, if we do not feed till cool
weather arrives, much of the stores
remain unsealed when winter sets in,
and as dampness collects all around
the outside of the cluster, much of it is
absorbed by this unsealed food, which
soon begins to sour on this account, so
that when the bees reach it in the
most severe part of the winter, just
when they want the very best of food,
it is quite unfit for them, and the re-
sult generally is a diseased colony suf-
ficiently so to cause spring dwindling
during April and May, if they do not
die outright. If you have not been in
the babit of getting your bees ready
for winter thus early, try it this time,
and, my word for it, you will not delay
till cold weather again.
As Mason fruit jars are becoming
quite popular as a package to market
honey in, we have made arrangements
for an unlimited supply at a very low
price, as follows:
Pint Mason jars. per 4 gross..82.75
per gross.... 5.25
Quart Mason jars, per + gross. 3.00
"     "1 per gross.. 5.50
Now send on your orders, and get
wholesale prices with the benefits of
all the cash discounts.
Leahy Mfg. Co., Higginsville, M.
A good small package    for
retailing honey in is the square
honey jar shown in the cuts.
* They are the cheapest and most
popular small package we know
6 1      of. We handle the Ponder Jar,
2   which is made in three sizes,
andpacked 100 in a package.
The prices are as follows:
5 oz jar, 25c for 10: $2.00 per 100: weight 30 lbs
8-or " 30c for 10; 2.60 per 100;  "  45 lbs
1-lb " 40c for 10; 3.40 per 100;  "  7lbs
Corks always included. Neck labels
for these jars 25c per hundred; 500 75c.
LEAHY MFG. CO., Higginsville, Mo.
From 100 to 1,000 Extracting
Combs, L size. Address W, Cart-
wright, Steamboat Rock, Iowa, stating price.
8-2t       Steamboat Rock, Iowa.
Please mention the "Progressive."
Bred in the North, are Hardy,
Industrious  and   Beautiful.
Send 75c for 1 untested queen,
or $1 for tested. Breeding
queen, $2.   -   -   -    -
WM H. BRIGHT, Mazeppa, Minn.
Please mention the "Prygressive.
T    USE
H        ROSS
E        LEVIS
This Clevis being adjustable fits any plow.
Only one kind to keep in stock. Ask your
dealers for them.
Address.          Mention this paper.
10.000 pounds of BEESWAX, for
Cash.            Address,

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