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Leahy, R. B.; Doolittle, G. M., 1846-1918 (ed.) / The progressive bee-keeper
Vol. VII, No. 9 (Sep. 1, 1897)


All advertisements will be inserted at the
rate of 15 cents per line, Nonpareil space, each
insertion; 12 lines of Nonpareil space make I
inch, Discounts will be given as follows:
On 10 lines and upwards, 3 times, 5 per cent;
6 times, 15 per cent; 9 times, 25 per cent; 12
times, 35 per cent.
On 20 lines and upwards, 3 times, 10 per cent;
6 times, 20 per cent: 9 times, 30 per cent; 12
times, 40 per cent,
On 30 lines and upwards, 3 times, 20 percent:
6 times, 30 per cent; 9 times, 40 per cent; 12
times, 50 per cent.
We reserve the right to refuse all advertise-
ments that we consider of a questionable
Anyone sending a skeh and description may
quickly ascertain, free, whether an invention is
probably patentable. Communications strictly
confidential. Oldest agency for securing patents
in America. We have a Washington office.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
special notice in the
beautifully illustrated, largest circulation of
any scientific journal, weekly, terms $3.00 a year;
$1.10 six months. Specimen copies and HAND
BOOK ON PATENTS sent free. Address
361 Broadway, New York.
We will send the Progressive Bee Keeper with
The Review.............     (1.00)... ---- t--$ 35
Gleanings........ .....-  ...  1 00 . --...__1 35
American Bee Journal..... 1 00.......... 1 35
Canadian Bee Journal......-.-1 00... .. ...  1 35
American line Keeper.         50............ 85
Colman's Rural World..
Journal of Agriculture
Kansas Farmer ...........
Home and Farm ..---- -
1 00.
1 00
1 00.
1 35
1 35
1 15
No bee keeper can afford to be without a li-
brary of bee books, A book costing from fifty
cents to one dollar is worth many hundreds of
dollars to one who would succeed. Every be-
ginnershould have a book suitable for begin-
ners, (one that will point out the road), and
those more advanced will need something
more scientific as a reference book. We will
here give the names of such books as we rec-
ommend, and will be pleased to furnish you,
sending them by mail at the following prices;
The Amateur Bee Keeper, (a gem for
beginners), by Prof Rouse, price, 28c.
Advanced Bee Culture,-by W. Z.
Hutchinson; price, 50c.
A Year Among the Bees,-by Dr.
Miller; price, 50c.
Manual of the Apiary,-By Prof. A. .1
Cook; price, S1.25..
The A, B, C of 1ee Culture, by A. 1.
Root; price, $1 '.5.
A Treatise on Foul Brood, by Dr.
ioward; price. 25c.
Leahy Mfg. Co., HiqginsvIl/e. Mo.
o;Successful lbee-KeepingW by.Huni nson,
and ou 1897E catlog for 2-cent stamp. or a copy of the catalog for the
lasking. We make almost evcry tlhing used by Bee-Keepers. and sell at
Lowest Prices.
OUR FALCON POLISHED SECTIONS are warranted Superior to All Others.
Don't buy cheaply and roughly made goods. when you can just as well have the best,
such as we make.
THE AMERI CAN BEE-  EEPET, (monthly. now in its 7h year.)36 pages, 50c a
year. Sample     ree.     -ildrees,
W   T. FALGONHPc     1 MFG. CO., JaMlESTOINN. 1.
,As usual, I am re-
queer ing moy api-
A     Tested Queen For 50c. ary ti qprl
queens, that are removed, at $1.00 each . These queens are fine Italians. right ill theidr pri me,
being of last year's rearing. I am also startin a large number of nucle in which to test
que es. and can soon give purchasers their choice betweeti queens of this or last year's rear
ing. You ask. where does the 50 t queen come iin? It comies ill right here. To every one
not now t subscriber who will send $1.00 for the tieview for 10t7. I will send one of these test-
ed queens for 5     cents.
There are thousands of bee-keepers in this broad land, who, if acquainted with the Re-
view  woold read it year after year, and it is to onet, get it into snch liands that this special
offer i  made. I wiii til so send the Review one year and 100 strictly first-class sections for
oiily R,150. Or a Bingliam Conqueror smoker and the Review for only $1.715.
W   . Z. Hutchinson, Flint, Fich.

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