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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals and minerals 1977
Year 1977, Volume 1 (1977)

Contents,   pp. vii-viii PDF (156.1 KB)

Page vii

Foreword ~——__ iii 
Acknowledgments, by Albert E. Schreck~ -   v 
Review of the mineral industries by Barry W Klein, 
 Steven C Greene and Kenneth P Hanks  1 
Mining and quarrying trends in the metal and nonmetal industries 
 byFranklinD Cooper - 37 
Statistical summary, by Staff, Division of Publication  61 
Abrasive matenals byW Timothy Adams 107 
Aluminum by John W Stamper and Christine M Moore 119 
Antimony byJohnA Rathjen 135 
Asbestos byR A Clifton  145 
Barite byStanleyK Haines 159 
Bauxiteand alumina byHoraceF Kurtz 167 
Beryllium byBenjaminPetkof 183 
Bismuth byJamesF Carlin Jr 187 
Boron bySandraT Absalom 191 
Bromine byRussellJ Foster 201 
Cadmium byJohnM Lucas 207 
Calcium and calcium compounds byJ W Pressler 215 
Cement byEarlG Hoover  219 
Chromium, by John L. Morning  257 
Clays bySarkisG Ampian  269 
Cobalt byScottF Sibley 303 
Columbiumandtantalum byThomasS Jones 317 
Copper, byHaroldJ. Schroeder andJamesH. Jolly 329 
Diatomite,byA.C.Meisinger 371 
Feldspar, nepheline syenite, and aplite, by Michael J. Potter 375 
Ferroalloys,byFrederickJ.Schottman  383 
FluorsparbyStanleyK.Haines  399 
Gallium, by Benjamin Petkof  413 
Gem stones, by W. Timothy Adams  417 
Gold, byW. C. Butterman  427 
Graphite, by W. Thomas Cocke  447 
Gypsum,byJ.W.Pressler  457 
Helium,byRussellJ. Foster  469 
Ironore,byF.L.KlingerandC.T.Collins  477 
Iron oxide pigments, by Cynthia T. Collins  499 
Iron and steel, by D. H. Desy  507 
Iron and steel scrap, by K. W. Palmer 529 
Kyanite and related materials, by Michael J. Potter 547 
Lead, by J. Patrick Ryan, John M. Hague, and John A. Rathjen - —
- - 553 

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