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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals, minerals, and fuels 1972
Year 1972, Volume 1 (1972)

Contents,   pp. vii-viii PDF (151.3 KB)

Page vii

Foreword, by Thomas V. Falkie, Director III 
Acknowledgments, by Albert E. Schreck V 
Review of the mineral industries, by Daniel E. Sullivan, Jeannette I. 
 Baker, and Nicholas G. Theofilos - __ 1 
Technologic trends in the mineral industries (metals and nonnietals 
 except fuels), by John L. Morning  61 
Statistical summary, by Staff, Office of Technical Data Services 83 
Abrasive materials, by Robert G. Clarke 123 
Aluminum, by John W. Stamper  135 
Antimony, by Charlie Wyche 159 
Asbestos, by Robert A. Clifton 169 
Barite, by Frank B. Fulkerson 181 
Bauxite, by Horace F. Kurtz 189 
Beryllium, by Robert A. Whitman  205 
Bismuth, by J. M. Hague 211 
Boron, by K. P. Wang 217 
Bromine, by Charles L. Klingman  223 
Cadmium, by Burton E. Ashley 227 
Calcium and calcium compounds, by Avery H. Reed 235 
Carbon black, by Richard F. Zaffarano and ' S. 0. Wood, Jr. 237 
Cement, by Brinton C. Brown 247 
Chromium, by John L. Morning 289 
Clays, by Sarkis G. Ampian 301 
Coal—Bituminous and lignite, ' by L. W. Westerstrom 329 
Coal—Pennsylvania anthracite, by Dorothy R. Federoff 395 
Cobalt, by John D. Corrick 419 
Coke and coal chemicals, by Eugene T. Sheridan 427 
Columbium and tantalum, by Joseph A. Sutton 461 
Copper, by Harold J. Schroeder 473 
Diatomite, by Benjamin Petkof 511 
Feldspar, nepheline syenite, and aplite, by J. Robert Wells 515 
Ferroalloys, by Norman A. Matthews 525 
Fluorspar and cryolite, by H. B. Wood 535 
Gallium, by E. Chin .553 
Gem stones, by Robert G. Clarke  559 
Gold, by J. M. West 567 
Graphite, by David G. Willard 589 
Gypsum, by Avery H. Reed 597 
Helium, by Gordon W. Koelling  605 
Iron ore, by F. L. Klinger 611 
Iron and steel, by F. E. Brantley 641 
Iron and steel scrap, by Harold J. Polta 667 
Iron oxide pigments, by Henry E. Stipp 683 
Kyanite and related ' minerals, by J. Robert Wells 689 
Lead, by J. Patrick Ryan 695 
Lime, by Avery H. Reed 727 
Magnesium, by E. Chin 735 
Magnesium compounds, by E. Chin 737 
Manganese, by Gilbert L. DeHuff -— 747 
Mercury, by V. Anthony Cammarota, Jr. 771 
Mica, by Benjamin Petkof 783 

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