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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals, minerals, and fuels 1972
Year 1972, Volume 1 (1972)

Schreck, Albert E.
Acknowledgments,   pp. v ff. PDF (87.3 KB)

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 Volume I, Metals, Minerals, and Fuels, of the Minerals Yearbook summarizes
the significant data pertaining to mineral commodities obtained as a result
of the mineral intelligence gathering activities of the divisions and offices
of the Assistant Directorate—Mineral Supply. 
 The collection, compilation, and analysis of the data on the domestic minerals
and mineral fuel industries were performed by the staffs of the Divisions
of Ferrous Metals, Fossil Fuels, Nonferrous Metals, and Nonmetallic Minerals.
Statistical data were compiled by the statistical staffs of these Divisions
from information supplied by mineral producers, processors, and users in
response to production and consumption canvasses, and their voluntary response
is gratefully acknowledged. The information obtained from individual firms
by means of confidential surveys has been grouped to provide statistical
aggregates. Data on individual firms are presented only if available from
published or other nonconfidential sources or when permission of the companies
has been granted. Other material appearing in this volume was obtained from
the trade and technical press, industry contacts, and numerous other sources.
 Statistics on U.S. imports and exports, world production, and foreign country
trade were compiled in the Office of Technical Data Services. The foreign
trade data for the United States were obtained from reports of the Bureau
of the Census, U.S. Department of commerce. World production and trade data
came from numerous sources, including reports from the Foreign Service, U.S.
Department of State. 
 The Office of Technical Data Services also provided general direction on
the preparation and coordination of the chapters in this volume and reviewed
the manuscripts to insure statistical consistency among the tables, figures,
and text, between this volume and other volumes, and between this edition
and those of former years. 
 Acknowledgment is also particularly made of the splendid cooperation of
the business press, trade associations, scientific journals, international
organizations, and other Federal agencies that supplied information. 
 The Bureau of Mines has been assisted in collecting mine-production data
and the supporting information- appearing in the Minerals Yearbook by numerous
cooperating State agencies. These organizations are listed in the acknowledgment
to Volume II. 
ALBERT E. SCHRECK, Editor-In-Chief 

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