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Hall, James, 1811-1898 / Geological survey of Wisconsin, 1859-1863. Palaeontology. Part third

Plate XXV,   pp. [unnumbered]-Pl. 25 PDF (1.7 MB)

                              OBOLUS CONRADI, HALL.
                                        Page 375.
FIG. 1. Interior of a ventral valve, made from a cast in the natural mould.
  "   2. Interior of a smaller ventral valve, obtained by the same process
as fig. 1. The dotted
            lines show the extent of the cavities beneath the transverse
      3. Interior of a dorsal valve, taken from a gutta-percha cast in the
natural mould. The
            figures 2 and 3 are from the same casts as those figured on plate
                   SPIRIFERA   PLICATELLA, var. RADIATA, SOW.
                                        Page 878.
FIG. 4. Dorsal view of a large cast, showing the cavities left by the removal
of the dental lamelle
            and the septum of the dorsal valve.
      5. Cardinal view of the same specimen as fig. 4, showing also the extent
of the area.
      6. An oblique view of the interior of both valves, showing the septa
and dental lamellve.
                                        Page 382.
FIGS. 7, 8. Dorsal and front views of an individual, showing the plications
more distinctly than
                        PLEUROTO.MARIA OccIDENS, HALL.
                                        Page 392.
FIG. 9. Lateral view of a very fine specimen, showing the external characters
of the species.
" 10. View of the aperture. This specimen is from the Niagara limestone
of Lyons. Iowa,
        received from Dr. Farnsworth.
                                        Page 393.
FiGs. 11, 12. Lateral and basal views of a specimen of this species, showing
the surface strime and
            the wide umbilicus.
                  TROCHofvENMA (CYCLONEXA?) PAUPER, HALL.
                                        Page 395.
FIG. 13. Lateral view of a specimen in the collection of the Michigan University,
at Ann Arbor,
        received under the name of Pleurotomaria Halei.
                         CYRTOCERAS BREVICORNE, HALL.
                                        Page 407.
FIG. 14. Lateral view of a specimen, showing the septa.
                         TROCHOCERAS COSTA TuM, HALL.
                                        Page 402.
FIG. 15. Lateral view of the upper surface, from a gutta-percha cast in the
natural mould.

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