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Becker, George C. / Fishes of Wisconsin

Glossary,   pp. 51-59 ff. PDF (3.1 MB)

Page 51

abdominal-pertaining to the belly; the pelvic fins are abdominal when they
    inserted far behind the bases of the pectoral fins. 
acute-sharply pointed; an angle less than 900. 
adipose fin-the fleshy rayless fin on the midline of the back between the
    and caudal fins, as in the trouts and bullhead catfishes. 
age-age (growth) is determined by counting the annuli or growth rings depos-
    ited on scales, spines, or vertebrae. Age is expressed in arabic numerals
    (e.g., 1, 2, 3, etc.) or roman numerals (e.g., I, II, III, etc); 0 is
    year. The arabic numerals express the yearly lengths of each fish as
    mined by back calculating to each annulus (since the growth of the scales,
    spine, or vertebrae is essentially proportional to the linear growth
of the 
    fish). The roman numerals generally have been used to express the lengths
    of each age class as determined by the actual field lengths of the fish
    that age class at the time of capture. 
air bladder-see swim bladder. 
alevin-the newly hatched, incompletely developed fish (usually salmonid)
    in the nest or inactive on the bottom and living off stored yolk. 
ammocoete-the burrowing, larval stage of the lamprey. 
anal fin-the unpaired fin behind the vent. 
anal fin height-the distance from the origin of the fin to the tip of its

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