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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Minerals in the world economy 1989
Year 1989, Volume 3 (1989)

Contents,   pp. [vii] ff. PDF (110.9 KB)

Page [vii]

Preface  iii 
Acknowledgments  v 
Introduction  1 
1989 Summary  1 
Production  3 
 Production Index Patterns  4 
Quantitative Commodity Output . . . 4 
Value of World Mineral 
 Production 8 
 Geographic Distribution of World 
 Mineral Output Value 8 
 Commodity Distribution of World 
 Mineral Output Value 8 
Trade  8 
Consumption  9 
 Nonfuel Mineral Commodities  9 
 Mineral Fuel Commodities 10 
Investment  10 
Transportation  11 
 Marine Transport  11 
  BulkCarriers 11 
  Freighters 12 
  Tankers 12 
 Ocean Freight Rates  13 
 Panama and Suez Canals  14 
 Overland Transport  14 
Prices  15 
Statistical Summary of World 
Production and Trade of Major 
Mineral Commodities for 1989  17 
Update and Outlook  18 
 General Summary  18 
  The Near East and the 
   CrisisThere 18 
  Eastern Europe 19 
  U.S.S.R 20 
  The Common Market 20 
  Yugoslavia 21 
  Other Europe 21 
  Canada 21 
  Australia 21 
  China 22~ 
 Japan 22~ 
Other Asia and Pacific Islands.. 22 
  Brazil 23 
  Mexico 23 
  Other Latin America 23 
  South Africa, the Republic of 23 
  Developing Africa 23 
 Statistical Update 24 
Availability of Data  25 
Sources  25 
Charles L. Kimbell is a geologist and the Bureau's Senior Foreign Mineral
Specialist. He is on the staff of the Chief of the Division of International
Minerals and has more than 31 years experience in this or other similar positions
in the Bureau of Mines. He has been involved with the preparation of the
International Volume of Minerals Yearbook since its premier volume covering
1963, serving as writer of country studies and as divisional technical reviewer
from that year and as the only or senior author of this international review
component since 1969. 
William L. Zajac is Chief of the International Data Section of the Branch
of Data Collection and Coordination of the Division of Statistics and Information
Services. He has 20 years of experience with worldwide data collection and
interpretation with the Bureau of Mines and has been involved with writing
this international review component since 1984. 
For comments or further information, please contact 
The Office of the Chief 
The Division of International Minerals 
810 7th Street, NW MS 5205 
Washington, DC 20241-0001 
Telephone: (202) 501-9660 
Fax: (202) 241-3747 

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