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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals and minerals 1978-79
Year 1978-79, Volume 1 (1978-1979)

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Page vii

 Foreword, by Lindsay D. Norman iii 
 Acknowledgments, by Albert E. Schreck v 
Mining and quarrying trends in the metal and nonmetal industries, by Franklin
D. Cooper_ - - —                          
 /Abrasivematerials,byG.DavidBaskin  27 
~/ Aluminum, by Horace F. Kurtz and Christine M. Moore  43 
 Antimony, by T. John Rowland, Jr., and V. A. Cammarota, Jr.  63 
 Asbestos, byR. A. Clifton 71 
 Barite~ byDavid E. Morse 85 
 Bauxite and alumina, by Luke H. Baumgardner and Ruth A. Hough -  95 
 Beryllium, by Benjamin Petkof — 111 
 Bismuth, by James F. Carlin, Jr., and Robert J. Bascle 115 
 Boron, bySandraT. Absalom 119 
 Bromine, by Sandra T. Absalom — 131 
 Cadmium, by John M. Lucas 139 
 Calcium and calcium compounds, by J. W. Pressler 147 
 Cement,byJamesT. Dikeou 153 
 Chromium, by Norman A. Matthews and John L. Morning 193 
 Clays, bySarkis G. Ampian 207 
  Cobalt,byScottF.Sibley  249_ 
~' Columbium and tantalum, by Thomas S. Jones  259 
  Copper, by James H. Jolly_ - -- —  271 
 Diatomite,byA. C. Meisinger -— 313 
 1Feldspar, nepheline syenite, and aplite, by Michael J. Potter 317 
~' Ferroalloys,byFrederickJ.Schottman  327 
 Fluorspar, by Dennis S. Kostick and Ronald J. DeFilippo  341 
 Gallium, by Benjamin Petkof  359. 
 Gem stones, by G. David Baskin — . 363 
' -~Gold,byW. C. Butterman  377 
 Graphite, by Harold A. Taylor, Jr. 401 
 Gypsum,~byJ.W.Pressler 411 
 Helium, byRussellJ. Foster  423 
/Iron ore, by B. C. Peterson and C. T.Collins  433 
 Iron oxide pigments, by Cynthia T. Collins 457 
 Iron and steel, by D. H. Desy 465 
 Iron and steel scrap, by K. W. Palmer 485 
  Kyanite and related materials, by Michael J. Potter  503 
,~ Lead, by John A. Rathjen and T. John RowlanL  507 

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