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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Fuels 1960
Year 1960, Volume 2 (1961)

Moyer, Forrest T.; Vaughan, J. A.; Cooke, Marian I.
Coal--Pennsylvania anthracite,   pp. 149-203 ff. PDF (5.6 MB)

Page 149

  149Coal—-Pennsylvania Anthracite 
By Forrest T. Moyer,1 J. A. Vaughan,2 and Marian L Cooke3 
 Page  Page 
General summary 149 Employment 185 
Scope of report 156 Distribution~._ 187 
Acknowledgments 157 Consumption 192 
Production, mining methods, and  Stocks 195 
 equipment 157 Foreign trade 196 
Size of deep mines 177 World production 198 
Prices and value of sales 178 Technology 199 
PRODUCTION of Pennsylvania anthracite continued to decline in 1960 as the
year's output, 18.8 million net tons, fell 9 percent 
 below 1959. Since the combined production at surface operations— strip
pits, cuim banks, and dredges—remained relatively unchanged, virtually
all the decline occurred at underground operations because of the closing
of many deep mines due to high costs, excessive mine water, and other factors.
 At the mine, the 1960 production was valued at $147.1 million, down 15 percent.
The proportionately, greater decline in mine value than in production was
attributable largely, as in 1959, to a greater decrease in shipments of the
higher priced sizes. Shipments of Pea and larger sizes were 13 percent below
1959 and represented only 40 percent of the year's total, compared with 42
percent in 1959 and 45 percent in 1958. Although Buckwheat No. 1 and the
smaller sizes were in relatively greater market demand than the larger coals,
only Buckwheat No. 5 showed an increase over 1959. Except for Buckwheat No.
4, which remained about the same, the smaller sizes also declined in average
value. As a result of these developments, the average mine value dropped
from $8.35 to $7.82 per net ton, the lowest since 1947. 
 Apparent consumption of Pennsylvania anthracite (production, 
I Physleal c'ientlst. 
 ~ industry analyst. 
$Consmodlty research assistant 

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