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Becker, George C. / Fishes of Wisconsin

Acknowledgments,   pp. xi-xii PDF (651.5 KB)

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Throughout the preparation of Fishes of Wisconsin many individuals gave gen-
erously of time and funds. I am deeply indebted to my hundreds of ichthyology
students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, who from 1960 to 1978
collected fishes from all sectors of Wisconsin on their own time and at their
expense. Many of them learned the joys of collecting and continued supplying
the project with specimens long after their course obligations had been satisfied.
  Fishes of Wisconsin was initiated in earnest in 1958 as a family collecting
ect. Until 1967, my sons, Kenneth, Dale, and David, assisted me in securing
preserving thousands of specimens in many hundreds of collections. During
the writing period from 1976 to 1979, their help persisted in the field and
tended into the laboratory and the darkroom. My wife, Sylvia, helped in the
preparation of the manuscript while continuing to provide for her family's
countless physical and spiritual needs. Through many of the early years,
devotion of my family to the fish project remained steadfast despite our
ships with the sampling gear, our struggles with the insect pests, and our
less struggle with my tyranny This book, therefore, is a tribute to their
ness and persistence. 
  I am grateful to the following persons who read, criticized, and offered
gestions for the portions of the manuscript sent to them: Merryll Bailey,
Bailey, Paul Baumann, Dale Becker, Edward Brown, Jr., Clifford Brynildson,
Christenson, Tom Claflin, Dan Coble, Fred Copes, Russ Daly Billy Davis, Don
Fago, Vernon Hacker, Arthur Hasler, John Held, Robert Hunt, Marlin Johnson,
Lee Kernen, George King, Gary Lutterbie, John Magnuson, Patrick Manion, 
Harry Moore, James Moore, Susan Nehls, Joseph Nelson, Herbert Neuen- 
schwander, Arthur Oehmcke, Gordon Priegel, Harold Purvis, Edward Schne- 
berger, Paul Schultz, Howard Snow, Bruce Swanson, Stephen Taft, William 
Threinen, William Weiher, and LaRue Wells. For their careful attention to
torial matters, I give special thanks to Elizabeth Steinberg, Robin Whitaker,
Debra Bernardi. 

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