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Fago, Don / Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in Wisconsin: I. Greater Rock River basin

No. 96  Northern pike production in managed spawning
         and rearing marshes. (1977) Don M. Fago
No. 98  Effects of hydraulic dredging on the ecology of na-
         tive trout populations in Wisconsin spring ponds.
         (1977)   Robert F. Carline and Oscar M.
No. 101  Impact upon local property taxes of acquisitions
         within the St. Croix River State Forest in Burnett
         and Polk counties. (1977) Monroe H. Rosner
No. 103  A 15-year study of the harvest, exploitation, and
         mortality of fishes in Murphy Flowage, Wisconsin.
         (1978) Howard E. Snow
No. 104  Changes in population density, growth, and har-
         vest of northern pike in Escanaba Lake after im-
         plementation of a 22-inch size limit. (1978) James
         J. Kempinger and Robert F. Carline
No. 105  Population dynamics, predator-prey relationships
         and management of the red fox in Wisconsin.
         (1978) Charles M. Pils and Mark A. Martin
No. 106  Mallard population and harvest dynamics in Wis-
         consin. (1978) James R. March and Richard A.
No. 107  Lake sturgeon populations, growth, and exploita-
         tion in Lakes Poygan, Winneconne, and Lake
         Butte des Morts, Wisconsin. (1978) Gordon R.
         Priegel and Thomas L. Wirth
No. 109  Seston characterization of major Wisconsin rivers
         (slime survey). (1978) Joseph R. Ball and David
         W. Marshall
No. 110  The influence of chemical reclamation on a small
        brown trout stream in southwestern Wisconsin.
        (1978) Eddie L. Avery
No. 112  Control and management of cattails in southeast-
         ern Wisconsin wetlands. (1979) John D. Beule
No. 113  Movement and behavior of the muskellunge deter-
         mined by radio-telemetry. (1979) Michael P.
No. 115 Removal of woody streambank vegetation to im-
         prove trout habitat. (1979) Robert L. Hunt
No. 116  Characteristics of scattered wetlands in relation to
         duck production in southeastern Wisconsin.
         (1979) William E. Wheeler and James R. March
No. 117  Management of roadside vegetative cover by selec-
         tive control of undesirable vegetation. (1980)
         Alan J. Rusch, Donald R. Thompson, and Cyril
No. 118 Ruffed grouse density and habitat relationsips in
         Wisconsin. (1980) John F. Kubisiak, John C.
         Moulton, and Keith R. McCaffery
No. 119 A successful application of catch and release regu-
         lations on a Wisconsin trout stream. (1981) Rob-
         ert L. Hunt
No. 120 Forest opening construction and impacts in north-
         ern Wisconsin. (1981) Keith R. McCaffery, James
         E. Ashbrenner, and John C. Moulton
No. 121 Population dynamics of wild brown trout and as-
         sociated sport fisheries in four central Wisconsin
         streams. (1981) Ed L. Avery and Robert L. Hunt
No. 122 Leopard frog populations and mortality in Wis-
        consin, 1974-76. (1981) Ruth L. Hine, Betty L.
        Les, and Bruce F. Hellmich
No. 123 An evaluation of Wisconsin ruffed grouse surveys.
         (1981) Donald R. Thompson and John C. Moulton
No. 124 A survey of Unionid mussels in the Upper Missis-
         sippi River (Pools 3 through 11). (1981) Pamella
         A. Thiel
No. 125 Harvest, age structure, survivorship, and produc-
         tivity of red foxes in Wisconsin, 1975-78. (1981)
         Charles M. Pils, Mark A. Martin, and Eugene L.
No. 126 Artificial nesting structures for the double-crested
        cormorant. (1981) Thomas I. Meier
No. 127 Population dynamics of young-of-the-year blue-
         gill. (1982) Thomas D. Beard
No. 128 Habitat development for bobwhite quail on pri-
         vate lands in Wisconsin. (1982) Robert T. Dumke
No. 129 Status and management of black bears in Wiscon-
         sin. (1982) Bruce E. Kohn
No. 130  Spawning and early life history of yellow perch in
         the Lake Winnebago system. (1982) John J.
         Weber and Betty L. Les
No. 131 Effects of hypothetical fishing regulations in Mur-
        phy Flowage. (1982) Howard E. Snow
No. 132 Using a biotic index to evaluate water quality in
         streams. (1982) William L. Hilsenhoff
No. 133 Water quality sampling alternatives for monitor-
         ing flowing waters. (1982) Ken Baun
No. 134  Movements of carp in the Lake Winnebago system
        determined by radio telemetry. (1982) Keith J.
        Otis and John J. Weber.
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