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Bohling, Geoffrey C. / A ground penetrating radar study of water table elevation in a portion of Wisconsin's central sand plain
[DNR-050] (1988)

Acknowledgments,   pp. iii-iv PDF (524.9 KB)

Page iii

Most of the funding for this project was provided by a federal grant
administered through the Water Resources Center of the University of
Wisconsin-Madison. Additional funding was provided by the Wisconsin
Department of Natural Resources.
I would like to thank the members of my committee for their
suggestions for the project and their comments on this thesis. Collectively
my committee members represent an intimidating level of expertise on all
aspects of my project. Prof. Charles Bentley made helpful comments on
the presentation of radar theory in Chapter III. Prof. Ken Potter, of the
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, assisted with instruc-
tion in statistical techniques and commented on the analysis presented in
Chapter V. Prof. Mary Anderson, my advisor, provided insightful com-
ments on the entire thesis, especially the hydrogeological aspects and the
I would like to thank the two people who have had the most
influence on my education in hydrogeology. Dr. Carl McElwee, my super-
visor at the Kansas Geological Survey, sparked my interest in hydrogeol-
ogy and instructed me in the mathematical intricacies of groundwater
modeling. I look forward to working with him again. Prof. Mary Ander-
son provided an excellent overview of the world of hydrogeology and the

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