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Minerals yearbook 1992


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook 1992
ISBN 0-16-043203-0
Year 1992, Volume 2
Washington, D. C.: Bureau of Mines : United States Government Printing Office, 1992
1 volume : illustrations

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[Title page], pp. [i]-[ii]

Foreword, pp. iii ff.

Acknowledgments, Kaas, L. Michael pp. v-vi

Contents, pp. [vii]-[viii]

Survey methods and statistical summary of nonfuel Minerals, McClaskey, Jaqueline A.; Smith, Stephen D. pp. 1-47 ff.

Alabama, White, Doss H., Jr.; Dean, Lewis S. pp. 49-60

Alaska, Coldwell, James R.; Gensler, Edward C. pp. 61-71 ff.

Arizona, Dupree, Jean A.; Coggin, H. Mason pp. 73-92

Arkansas, White, Doss H., Jr.; Bush, William V. pp. 93-102

California, Carrillo, Fred V.; Davis, James F.; Alfors, John T. pp. 103-112

Colorado, Peterson, Eileen K.; Cappa, James A. pp. 113-129 ff.

Connecticut, Harrison, Donald K.; Altamura, Robert J. pp. 131-136

Delaware, Prosser, L. J., Jr. pp. 137-140

Florida, White, Doss H., Jr.; Schmidt, Walter; Spencer, Steve pp. 141-149 ff.

Georgia, Sikich, Steve W.; O'Connor, Bruce J. pp. 151-164

Hawaii, Carrillo, Fred V.; Roberto, Marguerite pp. 165-168

Idaho, Minarik, R.J.; Gillerman, V.S. pp. 169-182

Illinois, Sikich, Steve W.; Masters, John M. pp. 183-197 ff.

Indiana, Prosser, L. J., Jr. pp. 199-207 ff.

Iowa, White, Doss H., Jr.; McKay, Robert M. pp. 209-216

Kansas, Zelten, Jeanne E.; Grisafe, David A. pp. 217-229 ff.

Kentucky, Prosser, L. J., Jr.; Dever, Garland R., Jr. pp. 231-237 ff.

Louisiana, White, Doss H., Jr.; Marsalis, William E. pp. 239-247 ff.

Maine, Harrison, Donald K.; Anderson, Walter; Foley, Michael E. pp. 249-254

Maryland, Prosser, L. J., Jr. pp. 255-261

Massachusetts, Harrison, Donald K. pp. 263-270

Michigan, Wood, Robert H., II; Gere, Milton A., Jr. pp. 271-284

Minnesota, Wood, Robert H., II; Lewis, Kathy A. pp. 285-295 ff.

Mississippi, White, Doss H., Jr.; Knox, S. Cragin; Bograd, Michael B.E. pp. 297-303 ff.

Missouri, Zelten, Jeanne; Rueff, Ardel pp. 305-320

Montana, Minarik, R.J.; McCulloch, R.B. pp. 321-331 ff.

Nebraska, Zelten, Jeanne E.; Burchett, Raymond R. pp. 333-342

Nevada, Carrillo, Fred V.; Bonham, Harold F.; Castor, Stephen B., et al pp. 343-353 ff.

New Hampshire, Harrison, Donald K. pp. 355-359 ff.

New Jersey, Harrison, Donald K. pp. 361-368

New Mexico, Dupree, Jean A.; Eveleth, Robert W. pp. 369-385 ff.

New York, Harrison, Donald K.; Kelly, William M. pp. 387-397 ff.

North Carolina, Sikich, Steve W.; Carpenter, P. Albert, III; Wiener, Leonard S. pp. 399-413 ff.

North Dakota, Wood, Robert H., II; Biek, Robert F. pp. 415-420

Ohio, Prosser, L. J., Jr. pp. 421-428

Oklahoma, Zelten, Jeanne E.; Arndt, Robert H. pp. 429-443 ff.

Oregon, Minarik, Rodney J. pp. 445-455 ff.

Pennsylvania, Prosser, L. J., Jr.; Berkheiser, Samuel pp. 457-463 ff.

Puerto Rico, Northern Marianas, island possessions, and trust territory, Sikich, Steve W.; Alonso, Ramon M. pp. 465-473 ff.

Rhode Island, Harrison, Donald K. pp. 475-479 ff.

South Carolina, Sikich, Steve W. pp. 481-493 ff.

South Dakota, Peterson, Eileen K.; Hammond, Richard H. pp. 495-508

Tennessee, Sikich, Steve W.; Fulweiler, Robert E.; Zurawski, Ronald P. pp. 509-522

Texas, Dupree, Jean A.; Garner, L. Edwin pp. 523-540

Utah, Peterson, Eileen K.; Gloyn, Robert W. pp. 541-559 ff.

Vermont, Harrison, Donald K.; Conrad, Diane L. pp. 561-565 ff.

Virginia, Prosser, L. J., Jr.; Sweet, Palmer C. pp. 567-574

Washington, Minarik, R.J.; Derkey, R. E.; Gulick, C. W. pp. 575-585 ff.

West Virginia, Prosser, L. J., Jr.; Simard, Claudette M. pp. 587-591 ff.

Wisconsin, Wood, Robert H., II; Evans, Thomas J. pp. 593-601 ff.

Wyoming, Peterson, Eileen K.; Hausel, W.D.; Harris. R. E. pp. 603-617 ff.

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