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Minerals yearbook 1991


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook 1991
ISBN 0-16-041842-9
Year 1991, Volume 1
Washington, D. C.: Bureau of Mines : United States Government Printing Office, 1991
1 volume : illustrations

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[Title page], pp. [i]-[ii]

Foreword, pp. iii ff.

Acknowledgments, Rogich, Donald G. pp. v ff.

Contents, pp. [vii]-[viii]

Survey methods and statistical summary of nonfuel minerals, McClaskey, Jacqueline A.; Smith, Stephen D. pp. 1-46

Mining and quarrying trends in the metals and industrial minerals industries, Brady, Brian T.; Chekan, Gregory J.; Jude, Charles V. pp. 47-101 ff.

Abrasive materials, Austin, Gordon T. pp. 103-136

Advanced materials, McDonough, William J.; Brown, Robert D., Jr. pp. 137-178

Aluminum, bauxite, and alumina, Plunkert, Patricia A.; Sehnke, Errol D. pp. 179-226

Antimony, Llewellyn, Thomas O. pp. 227-238

Arsenic, Loebenstien, J. Roger pp. 239-243 ff.

Asbestos, Virta, Robert L. pp. 245-252

Barite, Searls, James P. pp. 253-267 ff.

Beryllium, Kramer, Deborah A. pp. 269-278

Bismuth, Jasinski, Stephen M. pp. 279-284

Boron, Lyday, Phyllis A. pp. 285-295 ff.

Bromine, Lyday, Phyllis A. pp. 297-309 ff.

Cadmium, Llewellyn, Thomas O. pp. 311-316

Calcium and calcium compounds, Miller, M. Michael pp. 317-324

Cement, Solomon, Cheryl pp. 325-349 ff.

Chromium, Papp, John F. pp. 351-401 ff.

Clays, Virta, Robert L. pp. 403-445 ff.

Cobalt, Shedd, Kim B. pp. 447-466

Columbium (niobium) and tantalum, Cunningham, Larry D. pp. 467-500

Copper, Jolly, Janice L.W. pp. 501-579 ff.

Diatomite, Davis, Lawrence L. pp. 581-583 ff.

Feldspar, nepheline syenite, and aplite, Potter, Michael J. pp. 585-595 ff.

Fluorspar, Miller, M. Michael pp. 597-612

Gallium, Kramer, Deborah A. pp. 613-618

Gemstones, Austin, Gordon T. pp. 619-648

Germanium, Llewellyn, Thomas O. pp. 649-654

Gold, Lucas, John M. pp. 655-697 ff.

Graphite, Taylor, Harold A., Jr. pp. 699-712

Gypsum, Davis, Lawrence L. pp. 713-723 ff.

Helium, Leachman, William D. pp. 725-732

Indium, Jasinski, Stephen M. pp. 733-739 ff.

Iodine, Lyday, Phyllis A. pp. 741-749 ff.

Iron ore, Kirk, William S. pp. 751-783 ff.

Iron oxide pigments, Templeton, David A. pp. 785-794

Iron and steel, Houck, Gerald W. pp. 795-828

Iron and steel scrap, Brown, Raymond E. pp. 829-865 ff.

Kyanite and related materials, Potter, Michael J. pp. 867-872

Lead, Woodbury, William D. pp. 873-910

Lime, Miller, M. Michael pp. 911-927 ff.

Lithium, Ober, Joyce A. pp. 929-938

Magnesium and magnesium compounds, Kramer, Deborah A. pp. 939-963 ff.

Manganese, Jones, Thomas S. pp. 965-987 ff.

Mercury, Reese, Robert G., Jr. pp. 989-995 ff.

Mica, Davis, Lawrence L. pp. 997-1009 ff.

Molybdenum, Blossom, John W. pp. 1011-1028

Nickel, Kuck, Peter H. pp. 1029-1056

Nitrogen, Cantrell, Raymond L. pp. 1057-1080

Nonrenewable organic materials, Simmons, Michele R.; Kelly, Thomas D. pp. 1081-1118

Peat, Cantrell, Raymond L. pp. 1119-1138

Perlite, Bolen, Wallace P. pp. 1139-1141 ff.

Phosphate rock, Stowasser, William F. pp. 1143-1167 ff.

Platinum-group metals, Loebenstien, J. Roger pp. 1169-1184

Potash, Searls, James P. pp. 1185-1200

Pumice and pumicite, Bolen, Wallace P. pp. 1201-1205 ff.

Quartz crystal, Ober, Joyce A. pp. 1207-1210

Rare earths: the lanthanides, yttrium, and scandium, Hedrick, James B. pp. 1211-1237 ff.

Recycling: nonferrous metals, Jolly, Janice L.W.; Papp, John F.; Plunkert, Patricia A. pp. 1239-1279 ff.

Rhenium, Blossom, John W. pp. 1281-1284

Salt, Kostick, Dennis S. pp. 1285-1316

Construction sand and gravel, Tepordei, Valentin V. pp. 1317-1335 ff.

Industrial sand and gravel, Bolen, Wallace P. pp. 1337-1359 ff.

Selenium and tellurium, Edelstien, Daniel pp. 1361-1371 ff.

Silicon, Cunningham, Larry D. pp. 1373-1387 ff.

Silver, Reese, Robert G. pp. 1389-1412

Slag: iron and steel, Solomon, Cheryl C. pp. 1413-1427 ff.

Soda Ash, Kostick, Dennis S. pp. 1429-1451

Sodium Sulfate, Kostick, Dennis S. pp. 1451-1468

Crushed stone, Tepordei, Valentin V. pp. 1469-1511 ff.

Dimension stone, Taylor, Harold A., Jr. pp. 1513-1530

Strontium, Ober, Joyce A. pp. 1531-1540

Sulfur, Ober, Joyce A. pp. 1541-1574

Talc and pyrophyllite, Virta, Robert L. pp. 1575-1584

Thallium, Llewellyn, Thomas O. pp. 1585-1586

Thorium, Hedrick, James B. pp. 1587-1590

Tin, Carlin, James F., Jr. pp. 1591-1612

Titanium, Gambogi, Joseph pp. 1613-1643 ff.

Tungsten, Smith, Gerald R. pp. 1645-1673 ff.

Vanadium, Hilliard, Henry E. pp. 1675-1697 ff.

Vermiculite, Potter, Michael J. pp. 1699-1704

Wollastonite and zeolites, Potter, Michael J.; Virta, Robert L. pp. 1705-1708

Zinc, Jolly, James H. pp. 1709-1743 ff.

Zirconium and hafnium, Templeton, David A. pp. 1745-1754

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