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Minerals yearbook 1988


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook 1988
Year 1988, Volume 3
Washington, D. C.: Bureau of Mines : United States Government Printing Office, 1988
1 volume : illustrations

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[Title page], pp. [i]-[ii]

Foreward, Ary, T. S. pp. iii ff.

Acknowledgments, Coakley, George J. pp. v ff.

Contents, pp. vii ff.

Minerals in the world economy, Kimbell, Charles L.; Zajac, William L. pp. 1-50

Central Africa, Dolley, Thomas P.; Morgan, George A.; van Oss, Hendrik G. pp. 51-69 ff.

East Africa and the Indian Ocean, Antonides, Lloyd E.; Dolley, Thomas P.; Newman, Harold R. pp. 71-87 ff.

North Africa, Dolley, Thomas P.; Michalski, Bernadette pp. 89-125 ff.

South Africa, Morgan, George A. pp. 127-158

Southern Africa, Antonides, Lloyd E.; Morgan, George A.; Newman, Harold R. pp. 159-195 ff.

West Africa, Van Oss, Hendrik G.; Michalski, Bernadette pp. 197-229 ff.

China, Hong Kong, Mongolia, and Taiwan, Chin, E.; Wu, John C. pp. 231-286

Japan, Wu, John C. pp. 287-324

North Korea and the Republic of Korea, Kuo, Chin S. pp. 325-347 ff.

South Asia, Doan, David B.; Kinney, Gordon L.; Yen, David pp. 349-398

Southeast Asia, Wu, John C.; Kinney, Gordon L.; Doan, David E. pp. 399-495 ff.

Australia and Oceania, Lyday, Travis Q. pp. 497-536

The Balkan countries, Buck, Donald E., Jr.; Panulas, John G.; Steblez, Walter G. pp. 537-561 ff.

Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, Buck, Donald E., Jr.; Rabchevsky, George A. pp. 563-597 ff.

Eastern Europe, Panulas, John G.; Rabchevsky, George A.; Steblez, Walter G. pp. 599-618

France, Buck, Donald E., Jr. pp. 619-630

Germany, Rabchevsky, George A. pp. 631-642

Portugal and Spain, Panulas, John G. pp. 643-687 ff.

Scandinavia, Buck, Donald E., Jr.; Newman, Harold R. pp. 689-734

Southern Europe, Panulas, John G.; Rabchevsky, George A.; Levine, Richard M. pp. 735-766

U.S.S.R., Levine, Richard M. pp. 767-796

United Kingdom and Ireland, Newman, Harold R. pp. 797-839 ff.

Arabian Peninsula and Persian Gulf countries, Michalski, Bernadette; Antonides, Lloyd E.; Morgan, George A. pp. 841-876

Eastern Mediterranean Countries, Michalski, Bernadette; van Oss, Hendrik G.; Dolley, Thomas P. pp. 877-917 ff.

Brazil, Ensminger, Henry R. pp. 919-940

Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru, Torres, Ivette E.; Gurmendi, Alfredo C.; Velasco, Pablo pp. 941-961 ff.

Canada, Gurmendi, Alfredo C. pp. 963-984

Central America, Torres, Ivette E. pp. 985-997 ff.

Islands of the Carribbean, Torres, Ivette E. pp. 999-1044

Mexico, Machamer, Jerome F. pp. 1045-1069 ff.

Northern South America, Ensminger, Henry R.; Gurmendi, Alfredo C.; Machamer, Jerome F. pp. 1071-1088

Southern South America, Velasco, Pablo; Gurmendi, Alfredo C. pp. 1089-1126

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