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Minerals yearbook 1988


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook 1988
Year 1988, Volume 2
Washington, D. C.: Bureau of Mines : United States Government Printing Office, 1988
1 volume : illustrations

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[Title page], pp. [i]-[ii]

Foreword, Ary, T.S. pp. iii ff.

Acknowledgments, Colby, Donald S. pp. v-vi

Contents, pp. vii-viii

Survey methods and statistical summary of nonfuel minerals, Walker, Gloria L.; Smith, Stephen D. pp. 1-44

Alabama, White, Doss H., Jr. pp. 45-54

Alaska, Pittman, Tom L. pp. 55-67 ff.

Arizona, Greeley, Michael N.; Kissinger, Leroy E. pp. 69-81 ff.

Arkansas, White, Doss H., Jr.; Bush, William V. pp. 83-92

California, Carrillo, Fred V.; Tucker, Brian E.; Burnett, J. L. pp. 93-103 ff.

Colorado, Ohl, Jane P.; Davis, Mark W. pp. 105-116

Connecticut, Harrison, Donald K.; Altamura, Robert J. pp. 117-122

Delaware, Prosser, L. J., Jr. pp. 123-127 ff.

Florida, White, Doss H., Jr.; Schmidt, Walter pp. 129-137 ff.

Georgia, White, Doss H., Jr.; O'Connor, Bruce J. pp. 139-150

Hawaii, Carrillo, Fred V. pp. 151-155 ff.

Idaho, Rice, W. L.; Bennett, E. H. pp. 157-169 ff.

Illinois, Hill, James J. pp. 171-181 ff.

Indiana, Hill, James J. pp. 183-192

Iowa, Esparza, Leon E.; McKay, Robert M. pp. 193-200

Kansas, Ohl, Jane P.; Grisafe, David A. pp. 201-209 ff.

Kentucky, Prosser, L. J., Jr.; Dever, Garland R., Jr. pp. 211-217 ff.

Louisiana, White, Doss H., Jr. pp. 219-227 ff.

Maine, Harrison, Donald K.; Anderson, Walter; Foley, Michael E. pp. 229-234

Maryland, Prosser, L. J., Jr. pp. 235-242

Massachusetts, Harrison, Donald K.; Sinnott, Joseph A. pp. 243-249 ff.

Michigan, Hill, James J. pp. 251-264

Minnesota, Hill, James J. pp. 265-277 ff.

Mississippi, White, Doss H., Jr.; Hubbard, Maylene E. pp. 279-285 ff.

Missouri, Esparza, Leon E.; Nuelle, Laurence M.; Rueff, Ardel W. pp. 287-299 ff.

Montana, Rice, W. L..; McCulloch, Robin B.; Berg, Richard B. pp. 301-312

Nebraska, Esparza, Leon E.; Burchett, Raymond R. pp. 313-318

Nevada, Carrillo, Fred V.; Price, Jonathan G. pp. 319-327 ff.

New Hampshire, Harrison, Donald K. pp. 329-334

New Jersey, Harrison, Donald K. pp. 335-342

New Mexico, Greeley, Michael N.; Eveleth, Robert W. pp. 343-353 ff.

New York, Harrison, Donald K.; Kelly, William M. pp. 355-365 ff.

North Carolina, White, Doss H., Jr.; Carpenter, P. Albert, III pp. 367-377 ff.

North Dakota, Esparza, Leon E. pp. 379-383 ff.

Ohio, Prosser, L. J., Jr. pp. 385-393 ff.

Oklahoma, Ohl, Jane P.; Arndt, Robert H. pp. 395-404

Oregon, Rice, William L.; Lyons, W. A. pp. 405-413 ff.

Pennsylvania, Prosser, L. J., Jr.; Berkheiser, S.W., Jr. pp. 415-424

Puerto Rico, Northern Marianas, Island Possessions, and Trust Territory, White, Doss H., Jr.; Torres, Ivette E.; Alonso, Ramon M. pp. 425-430

Rhode Island, Harrison, Donald K. pp. 431-435 ff.

South Carolina, White, Doss H., Jr.; Olson, Norman K. pp. 437-446

South Dakota, Esparza, Leon E. pp. 447-458

Tennessee, White, Doss H., Jr.; Gilbert Ray; Upham, Gregory pp. 459-468

Texas, Ohl, Jane P.; Garner, L. Edwin; McBride, Mary W. pp. 469-480

Utah, Greeley, Michael N.; Gloyn, Robert W. pp. 481-492

Vermont, Harrison, Donald K.; Ratte, Charles A. pp. 493-498

Virginia, Prosser, L. J., Jr.; Sweet, Palmer C. pp. 499-506

Washington, Rice, W. L.; Joseph, Nancy L. pp. 507-517 ff.

West Virginia, Prosser, L. J., Jr.; King, Hobart M. pp. 519-524

Wisconsin, Hill, James J.; Evans, Thomas J. pp. 525-533 ff.

Wyoming, Starch, Karl; Hausel, W. Dan; Harris, R. E. pp. 535-545 ff.

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