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Minerals yearbook: Area reports: international 1978-79


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook: Area reports: international 1978-79
Year 1978-79, Volume 3
Washington, D. C.: Bureau of Mines : United States Government Printing Office, 1978-1979
1 volume : illustrations

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[Title page], pp. [i]-[ii]

Foreword, pp. iii ff.

Acknowledgments, Schreck, Albert E. pp. v ff.

Contents, pp. vii-ix ff.

Minerals in the world economy, Kimbell, Charles L. pp. 1-34

Ocean minerals, Cocke, William T. pp. 35-42

Afghanistan, Shekarchi, E. pp. 43-45 ff.

Albania, Steblez, Walter G. pp. 47-55 ff.

Algeria, Morse, David E. pp. 57-64

Angola, Jolly, Janice L.W. pp. 65-70

Argentina, Martino, Orlando pp. 71-85 ff.

Australia, Wyche, Charlie pp. 87-116

Austria, Keyes, William F. pp. 117-129 ff.

Belgium-Luxembourg, Keyes, William F. pp. 131-147 ff.

Bolivia, Martino, Orlando pp. 149-159 ff.

Botswana, Jolly, Janice L.W. pp. 161-166

Brazil, Martino, Orlando pp. 167-190

Bulgaria, Karpinsky, Tatiana pp. 191-202

Burma, Kinney, Gordon L. pp. 203-208

Canada, Wyche, Charlie pp. 209-220

Chile, Hoyt, Charles pp. 221-231 ff.

China, Wang, K. P. pp. 233-269 ff.

Colombia, Martino, Orlando pp. 271-281 ff.

Cyprus, Morse, David E.; Stevens, Candice pp. 283-288

Czechoslovakia, Karpinsky, Tatiana pp. 289-305 ff.

Denmark and Greenland, Huvos, Joseph B. pp. 307-318

Egypt, Stevens, Candice pp. 319-328

Finland, Huvos, Joseph B. pp. 329-338

France, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 339-359 ff.

Gabon, Stevens, Candice pp. 361-366

German Democratic Republic, Rabchevsky, George pp. 367-386

Federal Republic of Germany, Huvos, Joseph B. pp. 387-408

Ghana, Jolly, Janice L. W. pp. 409-414

Greece, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 415-426

Hungary, Rabchevsky, George pp. 427-442

Iceland, Huvos, Joseph B. pp. 443-446

India, Kinney Gordon L.; Shafer, Francis E. pp. 447-470

Indonesia, Wu, John C. pp. 471-487 ff.

Iran, Jolly, Janice L.W. pp. 489-502

Iraq, Morse, David E. pp. 503-509 ff.

Ireland, Keyes, William F. pp. 511-519 ff.

Israel, Morse, David E. pp. 521-528

Italy, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 529-546

Japan, Chin, Edmond pp. 547-565 ff.

Kenya, Jolly, Janice L.W. pp. 567-576

North Korea, Chin, E. pp. 577-582

Republic of Korea, Chin, E. pp. 583-593 ff.

Kuwait, Stevens, Candice; Lyday, Phyllis A. pp. 595-601 ff.

Liberia, Lyday, Phyllis A. pp. 603-608

Libya, Lyday, Phyllis A.; Stevens, Candice pp. 609-615 ff.

Madagascar, Morse, David E. pp. 617-622

Malaysia, Chin, Edmond pp. 623-632

Malta, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 633-634

Mauritania, Stevens, Candice pp. 635-637 ff.

Mexico, Hyde, Doris M. pp. 639-650

Morocco, Jolly, Janice L.W. pp. 651-661 ff.

Mozambique, Ellis, Miller W. pp. 663-666

Netherlands, Keyes, William F. pp. 667-680

New Zealand, Wyche, Charlie pp. 681-690

Nigeria, Jolly, Janice L. W. pp. 691-700

Norway, Huvos, Joseph B. pp. 701-714

Pakistan, Morse, David E. pp. 715-721 ff.

Peru, Nahai, L. pp. 723-736

Philippines, Chin, E. pp. 737-749 ff.

Poland, Karpinsky, Tatiana pp. 751-770

Portugal, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 771-783 ff.

Southern Rhodesia, Jolly, Janice L.W. pp. 785-792

Romania, Rabchevsky, George pp. 793-808

Saudi Arabia, Stevens, Candice; Cocke, W. Thomas pp. 809-817 ff.

Sierra Leone, Stevens, Candice; Lyday, Phyllis A. pp. 819-822

Republic of South Africa, Ellis, Miller W.; Sweetwood, Charles W. pp. 823-845 ff.

Territory of South-West Africa, Ellis, Miller W.; Stevens, Candice pp. 847-851 ff.

Spain, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 853-866

Sudan, Shekarchi, E. pp. 867-872

Sweden, Huvos, Joseph B. pp. 873-885 ff.

Switzerland, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 887-897 ff.

Taiwan, Chin, E. pp. 899-913 ff.

Tanzania, Morse, David E. pp. 915-920

Thailand, Kinney, Gordon L. pp. 921-934

Tunisia, Shekarchi, E. pp. 935-941 ff.

Turkey, Stevens, Candice; Cocke, W. Thomas pp. 943-956

U.S.S.R., Strishkov, V.V. pp. 957-1005 ff.

United Arab Emirates, Stevens, Candice pp. 1007-1012

United Kingdom, Keyes, William F. pp. 1013-1032

Venezuela, Hyde, Doris M. pp. 1033-1044

Yugoslavia, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 1045-1060

Zaire, Ellis, Miller W. pp. 1061-1066

Zambia, Ellis, Miller W. pp. 1067-1075 ff.

Other Central African countries, Jolly, Janice L.W. pp. 1077-1084

Other East African countries, Morse, David E. pp. 1085-1091 ff.

Other West African countries, Lyday, Phyllis pp. 1093-1110

Islands of the Carribean, Hyde, Doris M. pp. 1111-1145 ff.

Central American countries, Hyde, Doris M. pp. 1147-1168

Other areas of the Far East and South Asia, pp. 1169-1207 ff.

Other countries of the Near East, Clarke, Peter J. pp. 1209-1226

Other areas of South America, Hyde, Doris M. pp. 1227-1240

Other South Pacific islands, Wyche, Charlie pp. 1241-1250

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