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Minerals yearbook: Area reports: domestic 1977


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook: Area reports: domestic 1977
Year 1977, Volume 2
Washington, D. C.: Bureau of Mines : United States Government Printing Office, 1977
1 volume : illustrations

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[Title page], pp. i-ii

Foreword, pp. iii ff.

Acknowledgments, Schreck, Albert E. pp. v-vi

Contents, pp. vii-viii

Statistical summary, pp. 1-45 ff.

Alabama, Boyle, James R.; Neathery, T.L. pp. 47-56

Alaska, Service, Alfred L. pp. 57-64

Arizona, Arundale, Joseph C. pp. 65-80

Arkansas, Stroud, Raymond B. pp. 81-93 ff.

California, McWilliams, John R. pp. 95-111 ff.

Colorado, Starch, Karl E.; Walker, Peggy A. pp. 113-131 ff.

Connecticut, Barton, William R. pp. 133-139 ff.

Delaware, Sutton, Joseph A.; Dimmitt, Marilyn N. pp. 141-143 ff.

Florida, Sweeney, John W.; Hendry, Charles W., Jr. pp. 145-158

Georgia, White, Doss H., Jr.; Power, W. Robert pp. 159-173 ff.

Hawaii, McWilliams, John R. pp. 175-180

Idaho, Lockard, D.W.; Bennett, E.H. pp. 181-192

Illinois, Glover, Thomas O.; Samson, Irma pp. 193-204

Indiana, Miska, William S. pp. 205-217 ff.

Iowa, Dressel, Waldemar M.; Anderson, Raymond R. pp. 219-229 ff.

Kansas, McDougal, Robert B.; Zarley, Carol pp. 231-241 ff.

Kentucky, Boyd, William T.; McGrain, Preston pp. 243-251 ff.

Louisiana, Jones, Owen W.; Roland, Harry L. pp. 253-264

Maine, Barton, William R.; Doyle, Robert G. pp. 265-273 ff.

Maryland, Sutton, Joseph A.; Dimmitt, Marilyn N. pp. 275-282

Massachusetts, Barton, William R.; Sinnott, Joseph A. pp. 283-290

Michigan, Peterson, Edward C.; Middlewood, Esther A. pp. 291-312

Minnesota, Briggs, Ronald C.; West, Wanda J. pp. 313-330

Mississippi, Jones, Owen W.; Bicker, Alvin R., Jr. pp. 331-338

Missouri, Dressel, Waldemar M.; Martin, James A. pp. 339-351 ff.

Montana, Krempasky, George T.; Lawson, Don C. pp. 353-363 ff.

Nebraska, McDougal, Robert B.; Burchett, Raymond R. pp. 365-373 ff.

Nevada, Fillo, Paul V.; Dietrich, Susan G. pp. 375-387 ff.

New Hampshire, Barton, William R.; Stewart, Glenn W. pp. 389-395 ff.

New Jersey, Kebblish, William pp. 397-406

New Mexico, Sheffer, Herman W. pp. 407-422

New York, White, Doss H., Jr. pp. 423-431 ff.

North Carolina, Shirley, Lawrence E.; Allen, Eldon P. pp. 433-448

North Dakota, Aase, James H. pp. 449-455 ff.

Ohio, Frank, Jacob N. pp. 457-471 ff.

Oklahoma, Arndt, R. H.; Johnson, K. S.; Harrison, W. E. pp. 473-487 ff.

Oregon, West, J. M. pp. 489-499 ff.

Pennsylvania, Kebblish, William pp. 501-517 ff.

Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Pacific Island possessions, Sweeney, John W. pp. 519-524

Rhode Island, Barton, William R.; Maine, Carleton A. pp. 525-530

South Carolina, Lawrence, Hewson pp. 531-541 ff.

South Dakota, Aase, James H. pp. 543-550

Tennessee, May, Robert F.; Hershey, Robert E. pp. 551-566

Texas, Hawkins, Murphy E.; Garner, L. E. pp. 567-586

Utah, McKinney, William A. pp. 587-597 ff.

Vermont, Barton, William R., Jr.; Ratte, Charles A. pp. 599-606

Virginia, Shirley, Lawrence E.; Le Van, D. C. pp. 607-619 ff.

Washington, Babitzke, Herbert R.; Smith, Doris E. pp. 621-632

West Virginia, Broderick, Grace N.; Litfin, Lois J. pp. 633-643 ff.

Wisconsin, Ruess, John L.; LaTour, Patricia; Evans, Thomas J. pp. 645-657 ff.

Wyoming, Koch, Charles A. pp. 659-665 ff.

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