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Minerals yearbook: Metals, minerals, and fuels 1976


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook: Metals, minerals, and fuels 1976
Year 1976, Volume 1
Washington, D. C.: Bureau of Mines : United States Government Printing Office, 1976
1 volume : illustrations

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[Title page], pp. [i]-[ii]

Foreword, Markle, Roger A. pp. iii ff.

Acknowledgments, Schreck, Albert E. pp. v ff.

Contents, pp. vii-viii

Review of the mineral industries, Klein, Barry W.; Huttenlock, David C.; Good, Mary Ann, et al. pp. 1-69 ff.

Mining and quarrying trends in the metal and nonmetal industries, Johnson, T.A. pp. 71-92

Statistical summary, pp. 93-136

Abrasive materials, Adams, W.T. pp. 137-147 ff.

Aluminum, Stamper, John W.; Monroe, Christine M. pp. 149-166

Antimony, Rathjen, John A. pp. 167-175 ff.

Asbestos, Clifton, R. A. pp. 177-187 ff.

Barite, Haines, Stanley K. pp. 189-195 ff.

Bauxite and Alumina, Kurtz, Horace F. pp. 197-211 ff.

Beryllium, Petkof, Benjamin pp. 213-216

Bismuth, Rathjen, John A. pp. 217-220

Boron, Pressler, J. W. pp. 221-227 ff.

Bromine, Foster, Russell J. pp. 229-233 ff.

Cadmium, DeFilippo, Ronald J. pp. 235-241 ff.

Calcium and calcium compounds, Pressler, J. W. pp. 243-245 ff.

Carbon black, Franklin, Herbert L. pp. 247-257 ff.

Cement, Wingard, Norman E. pp. 259-295 ff.

Chromium, Morning, John L. pp. 297-308

Clays, Ampian, Sarkis G. pp. 309-341 ff.

Coal: bituminous and lignite, Frey, Lawrence H. pp. 343-378

Coal: Pennsylvania anthracite, Westerstrom, L.W.; Watson, W.M. pp. 379-402

Cobalt, Sibley, Scott F. pp. 403-414

Coke and coal chemicals, pp. 415-461 ff.

Columbium and tantalum, Stipp, Henry E. pp. 463-473 ff.

Copper, Schroeder, Harold J.; Coakley, George J. pp. 475-520

Diatomite, Meisinger, A. C. pp. 521-523 ff.

Feldspar, nepheline syenite and aplite, Potter, Michael J. pp. 525-531 ff.

Ferroalloys, Jones, Thomas S. pp. 533-550

Fluorspar, Quan, C.K. pp. 551-575 ff.

Gallium, Petkof, Benjamin pp. 577-579 ff.

Gem stones, Adams, W. Timothy pp. 581-590

Gold, West, John M.; Butterman, W.C. pp. 591-615 ff.

Graphite, Cocke, W. Thomas pp. 617-626

Gypsum, Pressler, J. W. pp. 627-637 ff.

Helium, Clarke, Thomas G. pp. 639-646

Iron ore, Klinger, F. L.; Collins, C. T. pp. 647-671 ff.

Iron oxide pigments, Collins, Cynthia T. pp. 673-680

Iron and steel, Reno, H. T.; Desy, D. H. pp. 681-701 ff.

Iron and steel scrap, Palmer, K.W. pp. 703-720

Kyanite and related materials, Potter, Michael J. pp. 721-725 ff.

Lead, Ryan, J. Patrick; Hague, John M.; Rathjen, John A. pp. 727-755 ff.

Lime, Pressler, J. W. pp. 757-766

Lithium, Quan, C.K. pp. 767-781 ff.

Magnesium, Petkof, Benjamin pp. 783-790

Magnesium compounds, Petkof, Benjamin pp. 791-798

Manganese, DeHuff, Gilbert L. pp. 799-813 ff.

Mercury, Drake, Harold J. pp. 815-822

Mica, Haines, Stanley K. pp. 823-831 ff.

Molybdenum, Kummer, John T. pp. 833-845 ff.

Natural gas, Koelling, Gordon W.; Fanelli, Leonard L. pp. 847-888

Natural gas liquids, Clarke, Thomas G.; Fanelli, Leonard L. pp. 889-913 ff.

Nickel, Corrick, John D. pp. 915-931 ff.

Nitrogen, Foster, Russell J. pp. 933-946

Peat, Mickelsen, Donald P. pp. 947-955 ff.

Perlite, Meisinger, A. C. pp. 957-959 ff.

Crude petroleum and petroleum products, Harper, William B.; Michalski, Bernadette C.; Reiss, John R., et al. pp. 961-1100

Phosphate rock, Stowasser, W.F. pp. 1101-1120

Platinum--group metals, Butterman, W.C. pp. 1121-1134

Potash, Singleton, Richard H. pp. 1135-1158

Pumice and volcanic cinder, Meisinger, A. C. pp. 1159-1163 ff.

Rare-earth minerals and metals, Kahn, Martha L. pp. 1165-1173 ff.

Rhenium, Alverson, Larry J. pp. 1175-1179 ff.

Salt, Foster, Russell J. pp. 1181-1193 ff.

Sand and gravel, Evans, James R. pp. 1195-1215 ff.

Silicon, Schottman, Frederick J. pp. 1217-1222

Silver, Drake, Harold J. pp. 1223-1238

Slag: Iron and steel, Evans, James R. pp. 1239-1249 ff.

Sodium and sodium compounds, Foster, Russell J. pp. 1251-1257 ff.

Stone, Reed, Avery H. pp. 1259-1286

Sulfur and pyrites, Shelton, John E. pp. 1287-1307 ff.

Talc and Pyrophyllite, Clifton, Robert A. pp. 1309-1315 ff.

Thorium, Kahn, Martha L. pp. 1317-1322

Tin, Harris, Keith L. pp. 1323-1338

Titanium, Lynd, Langtry E. pp. 1339-1353 ff.

Tungsten, Kornhauser, Ben A. pp. 1355-1371 ff.

Uranium, Jolly, James H. pp. 1373-1395 ff.

Vanadium, Broderick, Grace N. pp. 1397-1404

Vermiculite, Haines, Stanley K. pp. 1405-1408

Zinc, Cammarota, V. Anthony, Jr. pp. 1409-1444

Zirconium and hafnium, Ampian, Sarkis G. pp. 1445-1457 ff.

Minor metals, pp. 1459-1474

Minor nonmetals, pp. 1475-1484

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