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Minerals yearbook: Area reports: international 1974


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook: Area reports: international 1974
Year 1974, Volume 3
Washington, D. C.: Bureau of Mines : United States Government Printing Office, 1974
1 volume : illustrations

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[Title page], pp. [i]-[ii]

Foreword, pp. iii ff.

Acknowledgments, Schreck, Albert E. pp. v ff.

Contents, pp. vii-viii

Minerals in the world economy, Kimbell, Charles L.; Morgan, George A. pp. 1-73 ff.

Algeria, Albright, John L. pp. 75-83 ff.

Angola, Mozambique, and Guinea Bissau, Jolly, Janice L.W. pp. 85-98

Argentina, Albright, John L. pp. 99-109 ff.

Australia, Wyche, Charlie pp. 111-137 ff.

Austria, Broderick, Grace N. pp. 139-150

Belgium-Luxembourg, Matthews, Norman A. pp. 151-167 ff.

Bolivia, Cammarota, V. Anthony, Jr. pp. 169-174

Brazil, Wessel, F. W. pp. 175-193 ff.

Bulgaria, Wells, Nikita pp. 195-205 ff.

Burma, Adams, Timothy pp. 207-213 ff.

Canada, Rathjen, John A.; Hague, John M. pp. 215-241 ff.

Chile, Coakley, George J. pp. 243-251 ff.

People's Republic of China, Shelton, John E. pp. 253-263 ff.

Colombia, Adkins, Daniel C. pp. 265-275 ff.

Cyprus, Shekarchi, E. pp. 277-281 ff.

Czechoslovakia, Wells, Nikita pp. 283-297 ff.

Egypt, Adkins, Daniel C. pp. 299-308

Finland, Klinger, F. L. pp. 309-319 ff.

France, Shekarchi, E. pp. 321-342

Gabon, Jolly, Janice L.W. pp. 343-349 ff.

East Germany, Huvo, Joseph B. pp. 351-363 ff.

Federal Republic of Germany, Desy, D. H. pp. 365-392

Ghana, Jolly, Janice L.W. pp. 393-400

Greece, Sibley, Scott F. pp. 401-412

Hungary, Huvos, Joseph B. pp. 413-427 ff.

India, Sousa, Louis J. pp. 429-447 ff.

Indonesia, Pajalich, Walter pp. 449-462

Iran, Michalski, Bernadette pp. 463-472

Iraq, Albright, John L. pp. 473-478

Ireland, West, J. M. pp. 479-484

Israel, Potter, Michael J. pp. 485-492

Italy, Kuklis, Andrew pp. 493-517 ff.

Japan, Wang, K. P. pp. 519-563 ff.

Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, Reed, Avery H.; Clarke, Robert G. pp. 565-575 ff.

North Korea, Singleton, Richard H. pp. 577-583 ff.

Republic of Korea, Drake, Harold J. pp. 585-594

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Albright, John L. pp. 595-605 ff.

Liberia, Jolly, Janice L.W. pp. 607-615 ff.

Libya, Albright, John L. pp. 617-623 ff.

Malaysia, Harris, Keith L. pp. 625-635 ff.

Mexico, DeFilippo, Ronald J. pp. 637-650

Morocco, Stowasser, W.F. pp. 651-660

Netherlands, Matthews, Norman A. pp. 661-676

New Zealand, Clifton, Robert A. pp. 677-682

Nigeria, Harris, Keith L. pp. 683-689 ff.

Norway, Klinger, F. L. pp. 691-709 ff.

Pakistan, Fulkerson, Frank B. pp. 711-716

Peru, Wessel, F. W. pp. 717-728

Philippines, Singleton, Richard H. pp. 729-745 ff.

Poland, Karpinsky, Tatiana pp. 747-758

Portugal, Matthews, Norman A. pp. 759-771 ff.

Romania, Huvos, Joseph B. pp. 773-783 ff.

Sierra Leone, Jolly, Janice L. W. pp. 785-790

Republic of South Africa, Jolly, James H.; Sweetwood, Charles W. pp. 791-815 ff.

Territory of South-West Africa, Jolly, James H. pp. 817-824

Spain, Sibley, Scott F. pp. 825-843 ff.

Sweden, Jones, Thomas S. pp. 845-866

Taiwan, Wang, K. P. pp. 867-881 ff.

Thailand, Willard, David G. pp. 883-895 ff.

Tunisia, Merwin, Roland W. pp. 897-904

Turkey, Shekarchi, E. pp. 905-918

U.S.S.R., Strishkov, V. V. pp. 919-990

United Kingdom, Reno, Horace T. pp. 991-1007 ff.

Venezuela, Balazik, Ronald F. pp. 1009-1022

Yugoslavia, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 1023-1040

Zaire, Coakley, George J. pp. 1041-1046

Zambia, Greenspoon, Gertrude N. pp. 1047-1054

Islands of the Caribbean, pp. 1055-1077 ff.

Central American countries, DeFilippo, Ronald J. pp. 1079-1097 ff.

Other areas of South America, pp. 1099-1108

Albania, Denmark (including Greenland), Iceland, and Switzerland, pp. 1109-1145 ff.

Other areas of Africa, pp. 1147-1210

Other countries of the Near East, Adkins, Daniel C.; Dillard, Fay B.' Michalski, Bernadette pp. 1211-1235 ff.

Other areas of the Far East and South Asia, pp. 1237-1265 ff.

Other South Pacific islands, pp. 1267-1278

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