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Minerals yearbook: Area reports: domestic 1973


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook: Area reports: domestic 1973
Year 1973, Volume 2
Washington, D. C.: Bureau of Mines : United States Government Printing Office, 1973
1 volume : illustrations

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[Title page], pp. [i]-[ii]

Foreword, Falker, Thomas V. pp. iii ff.

Acknowledgments, Schreck, Albert E. pp. v-vi

Contents, pp. vii-viii

Statistical summary, pp. 1-38

Alabama, Corey, Joseph F. pp. 39-52

Alaska, Jaske, Robert J.; Hartman, Donald C. pp. 53-67 ff.

Arizona, Greenspoon, Gertrude N.; Schroeder, H. J. pp. 69-87 ff.

Arkansas, Broderick, Grace N. pp. 89-102

California, Woodmansee, Walter C. pp. 103-132

Colorado, Kuklis, Andrew pp. 133-163 ff.

Connecticut, Clifton, Robert A. pp. 165-169 ff.

Delaware, Willard, David G. pp. 171-173 ff.

Florida, Stowasser, William F.; Hendry, Charles W., Jr. pp. 175-187 ff.

Georgia, Wells, J. Robert; Pickering, Sam M., Jr. pp. 189-204

Hawaii, Reed, Avery H. pp. 205-207 ff.

Idaho, Butterman, William C. pp. 209-217 ff.

Illinois, Broderick, Grace N. pp. 219-237 ff.

Indiana, Clifton, Robert A. pp. 239-256

Iowa, Brown, Brinton C. pp. 257-271 ff.

Kansas, Carrico, William G.; Grisafe, David A. pp. 273-290

Kentucky, Frey, L.H.; McGrain, Preston pp. 291-303 ff.

Louisiana, Harper, William B.; Anderson, Eugene R.; Hough, Leo W. pp. 305-324

Maine, Fulkerson, Frank B. pp. 325-330

Maryland, Klingman, Charles L. pp. 331-337 ff.

Massachusetts, Clifton, Robert A. pp. 339-344

Michigan, Broderick, Grace N. pp. 345-366

Minnesota, Collins, Cynthia T. pp. 367-381 ff.

Mississippi, Readling, C. L.; Bicker, Alvin R. Jr. pp. 383-396

Missouri, Ryan, J. Patrick; Martin, James A. pp. 397-416

Montana, West, J. M. pp. 417-431 ff.

Nebraska, Keyes, William F.; Burchett, Raymond R. pp. 433-442

Nevada, Cammarota, V. Anthony, Jr. pp. 443-455 ff.

New Hampshire, Reed, Avery H. pp. 457-459 ff.

New Jersey, Wininger, Donald C. pp. 461-468

New Mexico, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 469-487 ff.

New York, Chin, E. pp. 489-499 ff.

North Carolina, Merwin, Roland W.; Conrad, Stephen G. pp. 501-513 ff.

North Dakota, Huvos, Joseph B. pp. 515-523 ff.

Ohio, Sutton, Joseph A. pp. 525-540

Oklahoma, Southard, L. G.; Johnson, K. S.; Roberts, J. F. pp. 541-555 ff.

Oregon, Corrick, John D. pp. 557-567 ff.

Pennsylvania, Cooper, Franklin D. pp. 569-617 ff.

Puerto Rico, the Panama Canal zone, the Virgin Islands, Pacific Island possessions, and Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, West, J. M.; Ampian, Sarkis G. pp. 619-625 ff.

Rhode Island, Fulkerson, Frank B. pp. 627-629 ff.

South Carolina, Clarke, Robert G. pp. 631-640

South Dakota, West, J. M. pp. 641-650

Tennessee, Babitzke, Herbert R.; Hardeman, William D.; Hershey, Robert E. pp. 651-668

Texas, Jirik, Charles J.; Girard, Roselle pp. 669-704

Utah, Greenspoon, Gertrude N. pp. 705-720

Vermont, Fulkerson, Frank B. pp. 721-725 ff.

Virginia, Vannoy, Charles E. pp. 727-740

Washington, Petkof, Benjamin pp. 741-748

West Virginia, Harris, R. E. pp. 749-761 ff.

Wisconsin, Broderick, Grace N. pp. 763-776

Wyoming, Diedrich, Roger A. pp. 777-800

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