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Minerals yearbook: Area reports: international 1963


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook: Area reports: international 1963
Year 1963, Volume IV
Washington, D. C.: Bureau of Mines : United States Government Printing Office, 1964
1 volume : illustrations

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[Title page], pp. [I]-[II]

Foreword, Ankeny, Marling J. pp. III ff.

Acknowledgments, Barr, Virgil L. pp. V-VI

Contents, pp. VII-IX ff.

Minerals in the world economy, Brown, Stephen C. pp. 1-44

Canada, Morrell, Lester G. pp. 45-65 ff.

Costa Rica, Anderson, Sumner M. pp. 67-71 ff.

El Salvador, Stipp, Henry E. pp. 73-77 ff.

Greenland, Morrell, Lester G. pp. 79-82

Guatemala, Stipp, Henry E. pp. 83-88

Honduras, Stipp, Henry E. pp. 89-93 ff.

Mexico, Stipp, Henry E.; Anderson, Sumner M. pp. 95-109 ff.

Nicaragua, Stipp, Henry E. pp. 111-115 ff.

Panama, Anderson, Sumner M. pp. 117-124

Cuba, Anderson, Sumner M. pp. 125-137 ff.

Dominican Republic, Anderson, Sumner M. pp. 139-146

Haiti, Anderson, Sumner M. pp. 147-151 ff.

Jamaica, Rynearson, Garn A. pp. 153-163 ff.

Netherlands Antilles, Slatick, Eugene R. pp. 165-170

Trinidad and Tobago, Koelling, Gordon W. pp. 171-176

Argentina, Anderson, Sumner M. pp. 177-198

Bolivia, Noe, Frank E.; Anderson, Sumner M. pp. 199-214

Brazil, Rynearson, Garn A. pp. 215-235 ff.

British Guiana, Rynearson, Garn A. pp. 237-249 ff.

Chile, Brown, Lester R., Jr.; Anderson, Sumner M. pp. 251-269 ff.

Colombia, Woodmansee, Walter C. pp. 271-290

Ecuador, Anderson, Sumner M.; Brown, Lester R., Jr. pp. 291-298

Paraguay, Anderson, Sumner M. pp. 299-301 ff.

Peru, Burgess, John; Anderson, Sumner M.; Brown, Lester R., Jr. pp. 303-324

Surinam, Rynearson, Garn A. pp. 325-336

Uruguay, Rynearson, Garn A. pp. 337-340

Venezuela, Anderson, Sumner M.; Brown, Lester R., Jr. pp. 341-356

Albania, Michalski, Bernadette C.; Wang, K. P. pp. 357-360

Austria, Gowen, Justin B. pp. 361-373 ff.

Belgium, Nahai, L. pp. 375-396

Bulgaria, Wang, K. P.; Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 397-402

Czechoslovakia, Sondermayer, Roman V.; Wang, K. P. pp. 403-409 ff.

Denmark, Hoyt, Charles D. pp. 411-419 ff.

Finland, Wei, Anton W.T. pp. 421-427 ff.

France, Nahai, L. pp. 429-495 ff.

East Germany, Sondermayer, Roman V.; Michalski, Bernadette C. pp. 497-503 ff.

Federal Republic of Germany, Nahai, L. pp. 505-555 ff.

Greece, West, J. M. pp. 557-566

Hungary, Sondermayer, Roman V.; Wang, K. P. pp. 567-572

Ireland, Woodmansee, Walter C. pp. 573-581 ff.

Italy, Klinger, F. L. pp. 583-627 ff.

Luxembourg, Wei, Anton W.T. pp. 629-634

Netherlands , Woodmansee, Walter C. pp. 635-659 ff.

Norway, Hoyt, Charles D. pp. 661-678

Poland, Michalski, Bernadette C. pp. 679-686

Portugal, Wei, Anton W.T. pp. 687-695 ff.

Rumania, Sondermayer, Roman V.; Wang, K. P. pp. 697-703 ff.

Spain, de Polo, Taber pp. 705-719 ff.

Sweden, Gealy, E. J. pp. 721-735 ff.

Switzerland, Woodmansee, Walter C. pp. 737-748

U.S.S.R., Sokoloff, V.P. pp. 749-778

United Kingdom, Gowen, Justin B. pp. 779-818

Yugoslavia, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 819-828

Algeria, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 829-843 ff.

Angola, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 845-854

Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Swaziland, Denton, Thomas C. pp. 855-859 ff.

Cameroon, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 861-867 ff.

Central African Republic, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 869-874

Chad, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 875-880

Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 881-888

Republic of Congo (Leopoldville), Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 889-902

Ethiopia, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 903-910

Gabon, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 911-919 ff.

Republic of Ghana, Denton, Thomas C. pp. 921-930

Guinea, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 931-937 ff.

Ivory Coast, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 939-946

Kenya, Tanganyika and Uganda, Denton, Thomas C. pp. 947-965 ff.

Liberia, Denton, Thomas C. pp. 967-974

Libya, de Polo, Taber pp. 975-981 ff.

Malagasy Republic, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 983-992

Mauritania, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 993-999 ff.

Morocco, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 1001-1012

Mozambique, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 1013-1023 ff.

Nigeria, de Polo, Taber pp. 1025-1035 ff.

Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Denton, Thomas C. pp. 1037-1054

Rwanda, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 1055-1060

Senegal, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 1061-1068

Sierra Leone, Denton, Thomas C. pp. 1069-1074

Somali Republic, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 1075-1078

Republic of South Africa, Denton, Thomas C. pp. 1079-1111 ff.

Territory of South-West Africa, Denton, Thomas C. pp. 1113-1123 ff.

Repubic of Sudan, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 1125-1131 ff.

Togo, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 1133-1137 ff.

Tunisia, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 1139-1147 ff.

United Arab Republic (Egypt), Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 1149-1158

Upper Volta, Murdock, Thomas G. pp. 1159-1162

Bahrain, Klinger, F. L. pp. 1163-1166

Republic of Cyprus, Wei, Anton W.T. pp. 1167-1170

Iran, Nahai, L. pp. 1171-1182

Iraq, Klinger, F. L. pp. 1183-1189 ff.

Israel, Klinger, F. L. pp. 1191-1199 ff.

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Nahai, L. pp. 1201-1204

Kuwait, Klinger, F. L. pp. 1205-1209 ff.

Kuwait-Saudi Arabia neutral zone, Klinger, F. L. pp. 1211-1213 ff.

Qatar, Klinger, F. L. pp. 1215-1217 ff.

Saudi Arabia, Klinger, F. L. pp. 1219-1223 ff.

Federation of South Arabia, Klinger, F. L. pp. 1225-1228

Syrian Arab Republic, Klinger, F. L. pp. 1229-1234

Trucial Coast and Muscat and Oman, Klinger, F. L. pp. 1235-1238

Turkey, Nahai, L.; Wendel Clarence A. pp. 1239-1256

Afghanistan, Nahai, L. pp. 1257-1260

Burma, Wang, K. P. pp. 1261-1266

Cambodia, West, J. M.; Wang, K. P. pp. 1267-1270

Ceylon, Kimbell, Charles L. pp. 1271-1277 ff.

China (mainland), Wang, K. P. pp. 1279-1295 ff.

Hong Kong, West, J. M. pp. 1297-1302

India, Nahai, L. pp. 1303-1331 ff.

Indonesia, Wei, Anton W.T. pp. 1333-1340

Japan, Wang, K. P. pp. 1341-1361 ff.

North Korea, Wang, K. P. pp. 1363-1372

South Korea, West, J. M.; Wang, K. P. pp. 1373-1382

Laos, Wang, K. P. pp. 1383-1385 ff.

Malaysia, West, J. M.; Wang, K. P. pp. 1387-1398

Mongolia, Wang, K. P. pp. 1399-1401 ff.

Pakistan, Nahai, L. pp. 1403-1411 ff.

Philippines, Wang, K. P. pp. 1413-1421 ff.

Taiwan, West, J. M. pp. 1423-1435 ff.

Thailand, West, J. M. pp. 1437-1446

North Viet-Nam, Wang, K. P. pp. 1447-1452

South Viet-Nam, West, J. M.; Wang, K. P. pp. 1453-1457 ff.

Australia, Morrell, Lester G. pp. 1459-1487 ff.

Fiji Islands, West, J. M. pp. 1489-1490

New Caledonia, West, J. M. pp. 1491-1493 ff.

New Zealand, Morrell, Lester G. pp. 1495-1505

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