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Minerals yearbook 1932-33


Kiessling, O. E.
Minerals yearbook 1932-33
Year 1931-32
Washington, D. C.: Bureau of Mines : United States Government Printing Office, 1933
1 volume : illustrations

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[Title page], pp. [I]-[II]

Foreword, Turner, Scott pp. III-IV

Contents, pp. V-VIII

Introduction, Kiessling, O. E. pp. IX-XIII ff.

The status of the mineral industries, Turner, Scott pp. 1-6

Statistical summary of mineral production, Clark, M. B.; Shuey, E. T. pp. 7-[10]

Gold and silver, Henderson, Chas. W. pp. 11-26

Copper, Julihn, C.E.; Meyer, H. M. pp. 27-52

Lead, Wright, C. W.; Meyer, H. M. pp. 53-66

Zinc, Pehrson, E. W. pp. 67-86

Lead and zinc pigments and zinc salts, Pehrson, E. W.; Meyer, H. M. pp. 87-[100]

Gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc in Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Washington, Gerry, C. N.; Luff, Paul pp. 101-[120]

Gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc in California, Nevada, and Oregon, Heikes, V.C. pp. 121-136

Gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, South Dakota, and Wyoming, Henderson, Chas. W. pp. 137-144

Gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc in the eastern and central states, Dunlop, J. P.; Meyer, H. M. pp. 145-[164]

Secondary metals , Dunlop, J. P. pp. 165-176

Iron ore, pig iron, ferro-alloys, and steel, Kiessling, O. E.; Davis, H. W. pp. 177-206

Bauxite and aluminum, Julihn, C.E. pp. 207-224

Mercury, Jackson, Charles F.; Meyer, H. M. pp. 225-[242]

Manganese and manganiferous ores, Ridgway, R. H. pp. 243-258

Molybdenum, Hess, Frank L. pp. 259-[270]

Tungsten , Hess, Frank L. pp. 271-[280]

Tin, Merrill, Charles White pp. 281-[298]

Chromite, Smith, L.A. pp. 299-[310]

Antimony, Shore, F.M. pp. 311-318

Arsenic , Tyler, Paul M.; Gerry, C. N. pp. 319-326

Radium, uranium, and vanadium, Hess, Frank L. pp. 327-[336]

Platinum and allied metals, Davis, C. W.; Davis, H. W. pp. 337-[346]

Minor metals, Tyler, Paul M.; Petar, A. V. pp. 347-[368]

Nickel , Merrill, Charles White pp. 369-[376]

Ore concentration, Miller, T. H. pp. 377-380

Coal, Tryon, F. G.; Rogers, H. O. pp. 381-418

Coke and byproducts, Berquist, F. E.; Bennit, H. L. pp. 419-432

Recent developments in coal utilization, Fieldner, A. C. pp. 433-450

Fuel briquets , Young, W. H.; Corse, J. M. pp. 451-458

Crude petroleum and petroleum products, Hopkins, G. R. pp. 459-[496]

Technical developments in petroleum and natural-gas production, Fowler, H. C. pp. 497-[510]

Petroleum-refinery technology, Kraemer, A. J. pp. 511-[516]

Natural gas, Swanson, E. B. pp. 517-[534]

Natural gasoline, Shea, G.B. pp. 535-544

Carbon black, Hopkins, G. R.; Backus H. pp. 545-554

Asphalt and related bitumens, Redfield, A. H. pp. 555-564

Cement, Hughes, H. H.; Bagley, B. W. pp. 565-[576]

Dimension stone, Bowles, Oliver; Coons, A. T. pp. 577-[594]

Crushed and broken stone, Thoenen, J. R. pp. 595-[602]

Sand and gravel, Hughes, H. H.; Phillips, E. R. pp. 603-[616]

Gypsum, Santmyers, R. M. pp. 617-628

Lime, Hatmaker, Paul; Coons, A. T. pp. 629-[638]

Clay , Kudlich, R. H.; Herlihy, K. V. pp. 639-[646]

Abrasive materials, Hatmaker, Paul; Davis, A. E. pp. 647-[668]

Sulphur and pyrites, Ridgway, R. H.; Mitchell, A. W. pp. 669-686

Salt, bromine, calcium chloride, and iodine, Coons, A. T. pp. 687-700

Phosphate rock, Johnson, Bertrand L. pp. 701-[708]

Fuller's earth, Adams, W. W.; Galiher, C. pp. 709-714

Talc and ground soapstone, Emery, Alden H.; Stoddard, B. H. pp. 715-722

Fluorspar and cryolite, Davis, H. W. pp. 723-734

Feldspar, Rogers, H. O.; Galiher, C. pp. 735-[744]

Asbestos, Bowles, Oliver; Stoddard, B. H. pp. 745-752

Barite and barium products, Santmyers, R. M.; Stoddard, B. pp. 753-[762]

Potash, Hedges, J. H. pp. 763-[776]

Magnesium and its compounds, Partridge, E. P.; Davis, A. E. pp. 777-786

Mica, Horton, F. W.; Stoddard, B. H. pp. 787-794

Natural sodium compounds and boron minerals, Coons, A. T. pp. 795-798

Precious and semiprecious stones (gem minerals), von Bernewitz, M.W. pp. 799-[808]

Safety in mining in 1932, Harrington, D. pp. 809-819 ff.

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