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Hummel, Charles F. / "English Tools in America: The Evidence of the Dominys" from Winterthur Portfolio
(Winter 1965)

English firms producing tools used by the Dominy craftsmen,   pp. 37-46 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 44

Alember of the Newbould failni made edge tool, in Sheffield from 1774 to at
least 1841. It is not surprising, therefore, to find the stamp NElWBOULD on the
blade of the modeling plane bearing the initials of Nathaniel Dominy IV (1737-1812)
and the date 1787, on the irons of the trying plane and smoothing plane stamped with
the mark of Nathaniel Dominy V (1770-1852) and the dates 1802 and 1803, and on
the blade of the trying plane and the carving chisel used between 1800 and 1841 by
Nathaniel Dominy V.
Thomas Newbould, a maker of shears and edge tools, appears in the Sheffield di-
rectories from 1774 through 1797. Samuel Newbould is first listed as a maker of edge
tools in the Directory of 1787 and is assigned the trade-mark illustrated above. Between
1797 and 1817, Samuel's business must have expanded, for the Sheffield Directory of the
latter year lists his firm as "Newbould Samuel and Co., merchants, saw, fender, edge
tool, wool shear, and steel manufacturers, South Street." This listing continues through
1841. It is possible that several members of the Newbould family formed a cooperative
venture. Adding weight to this conjecture is a listing in the 1828 Directory for Thomas
and William Newbould as "American merchants," also located on South Street. Only
one other English toolmaker's mark, that of William Butcher, appears as frequently in
the Dominv tool collection.
GOUGE: 1821-1841; steel; L. (including hawthorn handle) 11 2" (57.26.116,
Gift of HENRY B. DU PONT).
Probably at the request of this Sheffield firm, the Directory of 1833 states: "All
goods of their manufacture are marked I&H.Sorby." The mark appears on a gouge
used either by Nathaniel Dominy V or by FelixI Dominv from about 1820 to 1840.
John Sorby and Sons were producing tools from at least 1821 to 1841. In the directories
of this period, they are described as merchants and factors as well as manufacturers of
edge tools, braces and bits, tools for joiners, files, saws, spades, and shovels. The firm
was located at 26 Spittal Hill.
FILE FOR METALWORKING: 1790-1810; steel; L. (including white-pine handle)
16" (57.26.292, Gift of HENRY B. DU PONT).
Two pages of a catalogue with the engraved inscription "Peter Stubs Warrington"
are illustrated by the late George H. Kernodle in his article, "Concerning the Simon
Willard Legend," Antiques, LXI (1952), 524. Efforts to locate Kernodle's source or
another copy of this catalogue, which he states was issued in 1790 and included "nearly
500 tools" for clockmakers, have not been successful. The probability that the maker of

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