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Hummel, Charles F. / With hammer in hand; the Dominy craftsmen of East Hampton, New York (1968)

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Appendix A

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Genealogy of Members of the Dominy Family Associated with the Dominy House and Shops

Nathaniel Dominy I (d. 1687)

Married December 25, 1669, to Sarah Edwards. Children: Jane, Mary, Nathaniel II.
Nathaniel Dominy II (July 14, 1684—May 5, 1768)

Married November 24, 1706, to Anne Corey. Children: Mary, Anne, Phebe, Nathaniel III, John, Lydia (d. in infancy).
Nathaniel Dominy III (December 3, 1714—March 30, 1778)

Married July 23, 1736, to Elizabeth Eyres (or Ayres). Children: Nathaniel IV, William, Elizabeth (d. aged 11), Deborah, Henry, Elizabeth, John.
Nathaniel Dominy IV (July 25, 1737—October 23, 1812)

Married June 30, 1753 or 1754, to Katharine Hallome (d. 1755). Children: Mary (d. in infancy) and Anna, twins, b. 1755.
Married November 28, 1757 or 1759, to Hannah Baker. Children: Jonathan (d. in infancy), Hannah, Mary (d. in infancy), Urania, Leah, Nathaniel V, Phoebe, Clara.
Nathaniel Dominy V (January 16, 1770—May 28, 1852)

Married ca. 1794, to Temperance Miller. Children: John, Nancy, Felix.
Felix Dominy (February 12, 1800—December 20, 1868)

Married October 28, 1826, to Phebe Miller. Children: Nathaniel VII, Jerusha, Mary, Arthur, Edmond.
Nathaniel Dominy VII (July 28, 1827—June 10, 1910)

Married May 16, 1846, to Sybel Mulford. Children: Nathaniel VIII, Burnett (d. in infancy), Henry, William, Harriet, Esther Burnet, Felix, Jeremiah, Jonathan (d. in infancy), Washington Tyson, Mary, Sybel, Charles, Bertha.
Married in 1884 to Hydreda Van Dusen.
Married in 1896 to Helen L. Hathaway.
Charles Mulford Dominy (March 11, 1873—May, 1956).

Married November 21, 1898, to Mary Dixon Middlemass. Children: Nathaniel M. (August 15, 1899), Alison M. (June 23, 1901), Phoebe M. (March 29, 1905), Harriet Mary (d. in infancy), Robert M. (September 22, 1916).

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