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The craftsman
Vol. IV, No. 3 (June 1903)

Freeman, C. Sandford
Decorative lighting,   pp. 173-177 PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 174

                    Decorative Lighting
question of the ornamental fittings required for the various rooms
must now be considered.
     In most notable town and country houses the fittings have been
included in the architect's designs, and therefore being quite in
character with the decorative style of the rooms, the most satisfac-
tory course is to adapt them to the modern illuminant. But in
doing this, there must be no deviation from the original intention
of the artist, as regards the contour of the fittings. Nothing looks
more meaningless than a fine old chandelier fitted by an electrician
with electric lamps set actually in the sockets, with no attempt to
maintain the idea of a candle, except in a guttering state, burned
down into the bottom of the candlestick. Fittings designed for
candles must have that intention maintained, and this can be ac-
complished in a way that baffles the detection of the electric light.
    In a dining room, the table being the feature, it is necessary to
                           emnlov a method of liphting" which ~~I -
----- -
combines efficiency with softness of
tone, and, at the same time, assists the
artistic arrangement of the table.
Most hostesses rely upon candles to
obtain this result, and, certainly, there
is no light more becoming and more
adaptable to decorative treatment than
the old-fashioned wax candles. But
is it not possible, in the twentieth cent-
ury to retain the charm, without the
many disadvantages of the old system?
Many experiments in this direction
have been made, in recent years, but
the method which has met with gen-
eral approval is that of adapting one's
own candlesticks by concealing the
                           electric wires and attaching them
without injury to the table or cloth. The mechanism is quite sim-
ple and includes an arrangement by which the wires can be easily
detached, when the candlesticks require cleaning.
    Various methods of lighting from the ceiling have been tried,

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