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Grigsby, Leslie B. (Leslie Brown) / The Longridge collection of English slipware and delftware. Delftware
Volume 2 (2000)

Bibliography and short title list,   pp. 494-501

Page 495

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   with engravings by an unknown hand. 
   Unfortunately, no complete copy of this work 
   has been found." Handley, Collection, p. 9:3, 
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 Colenran-Smith comments (Idatel) 
    Comments of R. J. C. Coleman-Smith, I .S.A., 
    FR.S.A., Research Director, The North Devon 
    Pottery Research Group, in letters of April 3, 
    1996, and September 26, 1998, to Leslie Grigsby 
    regarding Longridge collection sgraffito ware. 
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    the author, 1955. 
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     ation with Tai Yip Co., 1993. 
The Longridge Collection 495 

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