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The illustrated catalogue of the Universal exhibition, published with the Art journal

Boutell, Charles
General introduction.,   pp. 3-76

Page 17

                                      THE PARIS UNIVERSAL EXHIBITION.
 The long-renowned firm of GILOWS, of It is composed of various woods, the
prin-       cipal carved ornaments being of boxwood;
 London, contributes several admirable ex-
amples of FURNITURE. That we engrave
Hiii ii     iiii iii~i
                                    r  I                   __~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
on this page is a very beautiful CABINET
(the ide piece being an enlargement of the figures-Painting and Architecture-which
occupy the "door-panels" are inlaid.  The work is
the side panel). The style is Italian. highly creditable to 'all the parties
engaged in its production-designer,; manufacturer, and artisans
could gain very little. Comparison, they believed, in their case principal
cities and towns, for the purpose of explaining the true
could lead only to their helping inferiors to become their equals. character
and the real effects of the Exposition proposed to be
They were not disposed to admit any deficiencies, certainly not held, the
second of the series, at Paris. Other difficulties of dif-
any grave deficiencies, in their own productions; wherefore, then, ferent
kinds had also to be dealt with, that were scarcely less
meet in a competition equals of whom *they were jealous, and  intractable
than manufacturers who had to be convinced, in
inferiors whom they regarded with indifference, if not with con- opposition
to their own confirmed belief, of the advantages that
tempt?' On such men the medals, at the best, could confer but a would accrue
to themselves from supporting such an undertaking.
questionable honour; and a thousand contingencies might bring When the Exposition
of 1801 took place, in a temporary building
about an unfavourable award of the juries, which would be un- purposely constructed
within the Quadrangle of the Louvre, about
questionably vexatious, and in all probability positively injurious. two
hundred exhibitors appeared as competitors for the prizes;
The First Consul was the rightman to encounter and, at any rate these prizes
were ten gold medals, twenty silver, and thirty of
m Me degree, to overcome opponents of this description. Ac- bronze; and it
ought to be recorded that, on that occasion, the
coimpanied by some of the most scientific men in France, he award of one
of these thirty bronze medals marked the estimate
visited personally the most important factories and ateliers of the that
was formed of the machine, since so famous, of the able and

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