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The illustrated catalogue of the Universal exhibition, published with the Art journal

Boutell, Charles
General introduction.,   pp. 3-76

Page 10

                                       THE ART-JOURNAL CATALOGUE OF
Mr. HARRY EMANUEL, of set with diamonds and pearls, and other precious stones;
they are of exqui- of the eminent artist, PAIR-
London, supplies us with                                                
                           POINT. The idea is to represent
materials for this page.
                         From his many beautiful                        
                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~Night and Morning. It is dif-
                      ficult to convey, by engraving, a
                          site workmanship, and have much originality of
design. The TAZZE, of
                            sufficiently correct idea of jew~els
 enamelled (the figures in                                              
                           little more than the forms, copying
 all cases are so), and richly  repousse silver, which occupy the centre
of the page, are from  the designs but faintly the beautiful originals.
 tiate; and, on the other hand, a familiarity with the original become certain
elements of all engraved representations that
 works invariably enhances, rather than detracts from, the value venture
to claim public approval; and, while the engravings that
 and interest of faithful representations, expressed with true accompany
and illustrate written descriptive and critical notices
 artistic feeling.                                                 thus have
risen so highly in their value, they also are produced
   It is a coincidence no less fortunate than remarkable, that with greater
ease and rapidity. These fresh qualities in engravings
 Photography should have created a new era in the history of have led exhibitors
of the most important productions to regard
 engraving, exactly at the time in which the rapidly increasing   withalteredfeelingsillustratedrecordsofGreatExhibitions;
 importance of International Exhibitions has caused such extra- now have
confidence in them, and therefore they readily and
 ordinary demands to be made upon the resources of that art. cordially co-operate
with their authors. The same considerations
 Engraved representations are now known to be exact reproduc- are equally
influential with all lovers of Art-manufactures.
 tions of infallible sun-pictures; and they are estimated, accepted,  To
all the Arts, Photography has been a boon of incalculable
 and trusted accordingly. Accuracy of outline, fidelity and com- magnitude;
but none has it aided more than that of Manufacture.
 pleteness of details, and expressive rendering of texture, depending  This
general predisposition to accept with confidence a work
 no longer on the skill and conscientiousness of draughtsmen, have which,
with the assistance of engraved photographs, professes to

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