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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XVI: of attitude,   pp. 135-138

Page 136

136            ANALYSIS of           BEAUTY. 
fary to exprefs the firt thoughts, as to different atti- 
Fig. 71. tudes; fee fig. *, which defcribe in forne meafure, the 
Tr. p. z 
feveral figures and adions, moffly of the ridiculous 
kind, that are reprefented in the chief part of plate 2. 
The molt amiable perfon may deform     his general 
appearance by throwing his body and limbs into plain 
lines, but fich lines appear ftill in a more difagreeable 
light in people of a particular make, I have therefore 
chofe fuch figures as I thought would agree befi with 
my firft fcore of lines, fig. 7' . 
The two parts of curves next to 7 r, ferved for the 
figures of the old woman and her partner at the farther end 
of the room. The curve and two firaight lines at right 
angles, gave the hint for the fat man's fprawling pofture. 
I next refolved to keep a figure within the bounds of a 
circle, which produced the upper part of the fat woman, 
between the fat man and the aukward one in the bag 
wig, for whom I had made a fort of an X. The prim 
lady, his partner, in the riding-habit, by pecking back 
her elbows, as they call it, from the wafte upwards, 
made a tolerable D, with a firaight line under it, to 
fignify the fcanty fitiffnefs of her peticoat; and a Z 
flood for the angular pofition the body makes with the 
legs and thighs of the affeded fellow in the tye-wig; 
the upper parts of his plump partner was confin'd to an 
0, and this chang'd into a P, ferved as a hint for the 
ftraight lines behind. The uniform diamond of a card, 
was filled up by the flying drefs, &c. of the little caper- 

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