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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste


JN T R o D U C T 10 N. rhe ufe and advantage of confi-'1 
dering foid obje&ts as only thin fhells compofed of lines, page  I 
like the outer-coat of an onion.            3 
CHAPTER I. Of FITNESS,                           p.   13 
CHAP. II. Of VARIETY,                           p.   i6 
CHAP. IV. Of SIMPLICITY, or DISTINCTNESS,         p.   21 
C H A P. V. Of INTRICACY,                         P.   24 
CHAP. VI. Of QUANTITY,                            p.   29 
CHAPTER VII. Of LINES,                 P.   37 
CHAP. VIII. Of what fort of parts and how PLEASING 
FORMS are comnpyJd,                           P   39 
CHAP. IX. Of COMPOSITIONS with the WAVING LINE, p.     48 
CHAP. X. Of COMPOSITIONS with the SERPENTINE 1         50 
LINE)                                       1p.    0 
CHAP. XI. Of PROPORTION,                          p.   67 
CHAP. XII. Oj LIGHT and SHADE, and the manner 
in which objed-ts are explained to the eye by them,  1p.  93 
C H A P. XIII. Of COMPOSITION with regard to LIGHT, P 
SHADE, and COLOURS,                         1p. io6 
CHAP. XIV. Of COLOURING,                          P. 113 
CHAP. XV. Of the FACE. I. In the highbef tq//e, and) 
the reverfe.' 2. As to charader and exprelion. 3. Of( 
the manner in which the lines of the Face alter from  P.  122 
infancy upwards, and jhew the diffirent A4ges, 
CHAP. XVI. Of ATTITUDE,                           p. 135 
CHAP. XVII. Of ACTION. I. .4 ncw method of ac-- 
quiring an earj and gracefud movement of the hand and( 
arms. 2. Of the head, &c. 3. Of dancing, particularly? p. 18 
the minuet. 4. Of country-dancing, and, /a/flly, ojflage- 

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