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Barber, Edwin Atlee, 1851-1916 / Anglo-American pottery : old English china with American views, a manual for collectors

Foreign views,   pp. 158-160

Page 158

-Designs in Dark Blue.-
American collectors have raid but little attention to ceramic
prints of foreign subjects and no effort has been made to cat-
alogue them. A large number of British views have already
turned up in the United States, and it is probable that they
will be found to be more abundant in this country than in
England, where they have been largely absorbed by those in-
terested in their preservation. Some of these designs are as
beautiful as any produced for the American market, yet, be-
cause they are in so little demand among collectors on this
side of the Atlantic, except as fine bits of coloring for effective
wall decoration, the prices they command at present average
little more than one-tenth of those paie for American views.
As interest increases in the general subject, however, these
neglected examples of dark blue china will gradually find a
place in the cabinets of many American collectors, for whose
benefit the following subjects are noted as a nucleus for a
more complete list to be compiled later:
Barrington Hall.
Beaumont Lodge.
Blenheim Castle, Oxfordshire.
Bothwell Castle, Clydesdale (Adams).
Eaton College.
Faulkstone Hall, Essex.
Fonthill Abbey, Wiltshire (Bluebell Border).
Fonthill Abbey (Grapevine Border).
(4unton Hall. Norfolk.
Hollywell Cottage, Cavan.
Kingsweston, Gloucestershire (Riley).
Liverpool (Wood).
Langley Park.
Morpeth Castle, Northumberland (Adams).
Scaleby Castle, Cumoerland.

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