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The craftsman
Volume XXXI, Number 3 (December 1916)

Loti, Pierre
"My mother": a lovely exposition of the madonna spirit,   pp. 209-216 PDF (2.2 MB)

Ward, Phyllis
Christmas eve in the north,   p. 216 PDF (238.7 KB)

Page 216

has lain for years, in the little bureau, never opened, mixed in with
broken toys; and should it disappear I would feel as if I had lost an
amulet that could not be replaced.
   "And the simple shawl of lilac barege, found recently among some.
old clothing laid aside to be given to the poor, why have I put it
away as carefully as if it were a priceless object? Because in its color
violets, I still find an emanation from my mother; I believe that ]
borrow therefrom a holy calm and sweet confidence that is almost
faith. And mingled in with the other feelings there is perhaps
melancholy regret for those May mornings of long ago that seeme4
so much brighter than are those of today."
This quotation from Pierre Loti is used by permission of C. C. Birchard &
              h DIM, white world,
                             with everywhere
                    The silent trees, each
                             one a tall
             Black column 'neath the stars!
             No sound disturbs the
                             icy air !
             A weighted pine, with giant
                             branches over-dressed
             Among the naked poplars,
                             showers down
             A load of powdery flakes. Some
                             wagon tracks
             Marking the lonely solitudes
                             with man's near presence,
             Lie like a long, dark shadow
                             'neath the trees.
             Across the white expanse, lit
                             by the cold, bright twinkle
             From the sky, a rabbit slowly hops,
                             making a neat,
             Clean line of purple hollows
                             in the light,
             Dry snow, then leaves
                             the winter world
             To trees and stars !
                                               PHYLLIS WARD.

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