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Bishop, J. Leander (John Leander), 1820-1868 / A history of American manufactures from 1608 to 1860 : exhibiting the origin and growth of the principal mechanic arts and manufactures, from the earliest colonial period to the adoption of the Constitution : and comprising annals of the industry of the United States in machinery, manufactures and useful arts, with a notice of the important inventions, tariffs, and the results of each decennial census
Volume 3 (1868)

The great iron works of the United States,   pp. 475-495

Page 482

all the Pig Metal is melted and " run out" with charcoal, a process of
refining through which the iron passes before going to the forge. All
of these are located in Cecil County, Md., with water powers, yet un-
employed, sufficient to drive additional works when required.
The site for the works at North East was selected over one hundred
and fifty years ago, by a company composed chiefly of English capital-
ists, consisting of Messrs. WILLIAM and THOMAS RUSSELL, WILLIAM
gcther with AUGUSTINE WASHINGTON, the father of the illustrious
GEORGE WASHINGTON. This seems to have been an old company in
England, of some of the substantial and enterprising men of that age.
They were succeeded by THOMAS RUSSELL, and his heirs, who inherited
the property, and held it until some twenty years ago, when it was
purchased by the present owners.
Adjacent to the works at North East, the company own from four
to five thousand acres of land, a portion of which is laid off in fine
farms, the remainder being woodland, from which they obtain the
charcoal consumed in the manufacture of a superior quality of iron,
which they use almost exclusively for Galvanizing purposes.  The
consumption of charcoal alone amounts to over one hundred thousand
bushels annually.
The works known as the OcToRARo, (on the Creek of that name,) at
Rowlandsville, some five miles from Port Deposit, were formerly
owned by JOSEPH ROMAN, and are among the oldest Sheet Iron Works
in our country. They have been the property of this Company for a
number of years.
The WEST AMWELL Mill was built in 1840, and in common with
the Company's other mills, enjoys a fine reputation for the quality and
finish of its sheets. With the enlarged facilities which they possess,
the Company is now able to produce many thousands of tons of Sheet
Iron annually.
The McCullough Iron Company are the successors of McCullough
& Co., a firm established about twenty years since by Jethro J.
McCullough, Delaplaine McDaniel, and Edmund A. Harvey, of Wil-
mington, Delaware. These gentlemen obtained workmen from Eng-
land, skilled in the art of galvanizing sheet iron, and from a small
beginning have become the largest manufacturers of thin black and
galvanized iron in the United States.
The officers of the McCullough Iron Company, at present, are
DELAPLAINE MCDANIEL, President; JoHN H. ADAMS, Vice President;
WM. S. HAGANY, Treasurer; J. J. MCCULLOUGH, Managing Director;
W. B. SPEAR, Secretary; E. A. HARVEY, Gen'l Sup't of Manufacture.

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