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Chippendale, Thomas, 1718-1779 / The gentleman and cabinet-maker's director: being a large collection of the most elegant and useful designs of household furniture in the Gothic, Chinese and modern taste.

The names of the subscribers,   pp. vii-x

Page ix

Mr. Joseph Lockyer 
----Lee, cabinet-maker 
John Lindow 
Joseph Lonsdale 
Thomas Linfoot 
John Lilly 
Thomas Long 
The Right Hon. Earl of Morton 
The Right Hon. Lord Montford 
----Mitchell, esq; 
Mr. William Miller, cabinet-maker 
William Miller, upholder 
George Marsh, cabinet-maker 
Alexander Mc Aull 
----Manton, founder 
Joseph Mathison, cabinet-maker 
Robert Mabberly, painter 
Robert Melvill, cabinet-maker 
----Milldew, cabinet-maker 
James Moss, joyner 
Daniel Mason 
Nathaniel Martindale, cabinet-maker 
Archibald Murry, 
Charles Marquand 
John Morland 
Charles Magniac 
Thomas Malton, of Nottingham, cabi- 
----Mainlove, upholster 
Peter Main 
His Grace the Duke of Norfolk 
Her Grace the Dutchess of Norfolk 
The Right Hon. Earl of Northumberland 
Mr. Patrick Nicholson 
John Newman, cabinet-maker 
Isaac Newman, cabinet-maker 
Adam Nelson 
John Nottingham 
Jeremiah Nance, founder 
Mr. Thomas Osborn 
His Grace the Duke of Portland 
Mr. James Payne, architect 
----Platts, cabinet-maker 
Robert Parker, carver 
Thomas Parker, carver 
Benjamin Parran, cabinet-maker 
James Pit, joyner 
----Pawson, merchant 
Charles Pinhorn 
George Phillips 
John Preston, cabinet-maker 
John Paterson, cabinet-maker 
Josiajh Pennock, carver 
Sir Thomas Robinson, bart. 
----Reeves, esq; 
Mr. ----Rivington, bookfeller 
Andrew Reed, cabinet-maker 
John Ranken, cabinet-maker 
James Rannie, cabinet-maker 
John Ridge, cabinet-maker 
Francis Richardson 
Roger Roe 
John Raisin, joyner 
George Rook 
John Roberts, cabinet-maker 
George Reynolds, cabinet-maker 
Francis Roux, engraver 
George Reynoldson, upholder, York 
Timothy Roberts, cabinet-maker 
The Right Hon. Countess of Shaftsbury 
David Scott, of Scotstarvet, esq; 
David Smith, of Methven, esq; 
Mr. Robert Spence, cabinet-maker 
George Seddon, cabinet-maker 
John Simpson, carpenter 
Thomas Simpson 
Mathias Simpson, carpenter 
Josiah Sutton, enammeller 
Hugh Spear, cabinet-maker 
Paul Saunders, upholsterer 
John Spark, cabinet-maker 
James Scholefield, watch-maker 
----Sackham, upholder 
----Shane, upholder 
----Sayer, bookfeller, 6 Books 
Francis Say, upholder 
----Swan, bookfeller, 12 Books 
----Scott, carver 
David Stevenson, cabinet-maker 
Stabler, and Barstow, bookfellers, York 
George Stevenson 
Samuel Shatford, cabinet-maker 
John Thompson, of Charleton, esq; 
Alexander Thistlethwaite, esq; 
Mr. John Troughton, cabinet-maker 
Charles Tuttop, cabinet-maker 
John Trotter, cabinet-maker 
William Trewin, cabinet-maker 
Benoni Thacker, carpenter 
---- Tack, organ-maker 
Joseph Tyler 
Mr. Richard Underwood 
Philip Upton 
Hugh Underwood, cabinet-maker, Scar- 
Mr. William Vancaster 

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