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Gleanings of natural history : exhibiting figures of quadrupeds, birds, insects, plants, etc. most of which have not, till now, been either figured or described


Edwards, George, 1694-1773.
Gleanings of natural history : exhibiting figures of quadrupeds, birds, insects, plants, etc. most of which have not, till now, been either figured or described
[Part I]
London: Royal College of Physicians, 1758
108 pages, plates 211-260 : color illustrations ; 32 cm

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[Title page]

Georgivs Edwards

Gleanings of natural history = Glanure d'histoire naturelle

To the trustees of the British Museum, this work is humbly dedicated and presented, by their most humble and most obedient servant, George Edwards

[Chap. I. Pla. 211. The apple-service. La corme ou sorbe], pp. [Plate] 211-2 ff.

[Chap. II. Pla. 212. The hand of a boy with a distempered skin, and a branch of the common service-tree; Main d'un petit garçon, qui avoit une maladie de la peau. Branche de cormier commun], pp. [Plate] 212-6

Chap. III. Pla. 213. The man of the woods; L'homme sauvage, pp. 6-8

Chap. IV. Pla. 214. The pig-tailed monkey, from the Island of Sumatra, in the Indian Sea; Le singe à queue de cochon, de l'Isle de Sumatra, dans la Mer des Indes, pp. 8-10

Chap. V. Pla. 215. The St. Jago monkey; Le singe de l'Isle de St. Jaques, pp. 10-11

Chap. VI. Pla. 216. The mongooz [mongoose]; Le mongous, pp. 12-13

Chap. VII. Pla. 217. The black maucauco; Le maucauco noir, pp. 13-14 ff.

[Chap. VIII. Pla. 218. The sanglin, or cagui minor; Le sanglin, ou cagui minor], pp. [Plate] 218-17

Chap. IX. Pla. 219. The gerbua; Le gerbua, pp. 18-19

Chap. X. Pla. 220. The little ant-eater; Le mangeur de fourmis minor, pp. 20-21

Chap. XI. Pla. 221. The elephant, and the rhinoceros; Elephant, et rhinoceros, pp. 22-26 ff.

[Chap. XII. Pla. 222. The male zebra; Zebre male], pp. [Plate] 222-28 ff.

[Chap. XIII. Pla. 223. The female zebra; Zebre femelle], pp. [Plate] 223-30 ff.

[Chap. XIV. Pla. 224. The crowned eagle; L'aigle huppe], pp. [Plate] 224-32 ff.

[Chap. XV. Pla. 225. The blue hawk, and the little brown lizard; Le faucon bleu, et le petit lezard brun], pp. [Plate] 225-34 ff.

[Chap. XVI. Pla. 226. The black and white butcher-bird; La pie griéche noire et blanche], pp. [Plate] 226-36 ff.

[Chap. XVII. Pla. 227. The great horned owl from Athens; Le grand hibou cornu d'Athenes], pp. [Plate] 227-38 ff.

[Chap. XVIII. Pla. 228. The little owl; Le petit hibou], pp. [Plate] 228-40 ff.

[Chap. XIX. Pla. 229. The Brasilian green maccaw; L'aras vert du Bresil], pp. [Plate] 229-42 ff.

[Chap. XX. Pla. 230. The blue-faced green parrot; Le perroquetvert facê de bleu], pp. [Plate] 230-44

Chap. XXI. Pla. 231. The green and red parrot from China; Le perroquet rouge et vert de la Chine, pp. 44-45

Chap. XXII. Pla. 232. The red-breasted parrakeet; La perruche à estomach rouge, pp. 45-46 ff.

[Chap. XXIII. Pla. 233. The rose-headed ring parrakeet; La perruche à colier, à tête couleur de rose], pp. [Plate] 233-48 ff.

[Chap. XXIV. Pla. 234. The yellow-faced parrakeet; La perruche facée de jaune], pp. [Plate] 234-50

Chap. XXV. Pla. 235. The golden-crowned parrakeet, and the least green and blue parrakeet; La perruche couronnée d'or, et la plus petite des perruches, verte et bleuë, pp. 50-52 ff.

[Chap. XXVI. Pla. 236. The little red-winged parrakeet; La petite perruche à l'aile rouge], pp. [Plate] 236-54

Chap. XXVII. Pla. 237. The little red-headed parrakeet, or Guiney [Guinea] sparrow ; and the Maryland yellow-throat; La petite perruche a tête rouge, ou le moineau de Guinée; et la gorge jaune de Maryland, pp. 54-58

Chap. XXVIII. Pla. 238. The red-beaked toucan; Le toucan à bec rouge, pp. 58-60

Chap. XXIX. Pla. 239. The blue jay, and the summer red-bird; Le geai bleu, et l'oiseau rouge d'eté, pp. 60-63

Chap. XXX. Pla. 240. The nut-cracker; Le caffe-noix, pp. 63-64 ff.

[Chap. XXXI. Pla. 241. The purple-breasted blue manakin; Le manakin blue à poitrine pourpre], pp. [Plate] 241-66

Chap. XXXII. Pla. 242. The chatterer of Carolina; La jaseur de la Caroline, pp. 66-68

Chap. XXXIII. Pla. 243. The lesser bonana [banana] bird; L'oiseau bonana minor, pp. 68-70 ff.

[Chap. XXXIV. Pla. 244. The wood-pecker of Jamaica; Le pivert de la Jamaïque], pp. [Plate] 244-73

Chap. XXXV. Pla. 245. The little green and orange-coloured king-fisher; and the blue lizard; Le petit-martin pêcheur vert et orange; et le lezard bleu, pp. 73-74 ff.

[Chap. XXXVI. Pla. 246. The francolin; Le francolin], pp. [Plate] 246-77

Chap. XXXVII. Pla. 247. The Chinese quail, and the Guernsey lizard; La caille de la Chine, et le lezard de Guernesey, pp. 77-79

Chap. XXXVIII. Pla. 248. The ruffed heath-cock, or grous; Le coq de bruyere à fraise, pp. 79-84

Chap. XXXIX. Pla. 249. The little pin-tailed grous; Le petit coq de bruyere aux deux aiguilles à la queuë, pp. 84-86 ff.

[Chap. XL. Pla. 250. The Indian bustard; L'outarde des Indes], pp. [Plate] 250-88 ff.

[Chap. XLI. Pla. 251. The little bustard; Le petite outarde], pp. [Plate] 251-90 ff.

[Chap. XLII. Pla. 252. The golden-crowned thrush, and the blue fly-catcher; La grive couronnée d'or, et la moucherolle bleuë], pp. [Plate] 252-92 ff.

[Chap. XLIIl. Pla. 253. The olive-coloured fly-catcher, and yellow butter-fly; La moucherolle olive, et le papillon jaune], pp. [Plate] 253-94 ff.

[Chap. XLIV. Pla. 254. The golden-crowned wren, and the ruby-crowned wren; Le roitelet couronné d'or, et le roitelet couronné de rubis], pp. [Plate] 254-96 ff.

[Chap. XLV. Pla. 255. The yellow-rumped fly-catcher, and the gentian of the desert; La moucherolle au croupion jaune, et la gentiane du desert], pp. [Plate] 255-98 ff.

[Chap. XLVI. Pla. 256. The yellow red-pole, and the white-tailed humming-bird; La tête rouge au corps jaune, et le colibri à queuë blanche], pp. [Plate] 256-100 ff.

[Chap. XLVII. Pla. 257. The yellow-tailed fly-catcher, and the spotted yellow fly-catcher; La moucherolle à queuë jaune, et la moucherolle tachetée de jaune], pp. [Plate] 257-102

Chap. XLVIII. Pla. 258. The yellow water-wagtail, the walking leaf, etc.; La bergeronnette jaune, et la fueille ambulante, etc., pp. 102-104 ff.

[Chap. XLIX. Pla. 259. The grey water-wagtail, and the water lizard; La bergeronnette grise, et le lézard d'eau], pp. [Plate] 259-106 ff.

[Chap. L. Pla. 260. The black-capped manakin, and the white-capped manakin; Le manaquin chaperonné de noir, et le manaquin chaperonné de blanc], pp. [Plate] 260-108 ff.


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