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The craftsman
Volume XXXI, Number 3 (December 1916)

Picture fireplaces: illustrating stories for sitting room, library and nursery,   pp. 247-253 PDF (2.5 MB)

Page 247

he slid down chimneys, and quick as a wink filled the flat little stock-
ings that hung in a row across the fireplace, so full of beautiful dolls
and tin soldiers and red balls and golden oranges, that they bulged and
overflowed as delightfully as his own humpy, bumpy pack. New sleds
and rocking horses, shining skates and doll houses and other such
delectable things too large to get into little stockings, he stood around
in fascinating rows where they glowed in the firelight until they
seemed too wonderful to be real. Then with a hearty laugh he van-
ished up the chimney again. No matter how small and sooty the
chimney, or how fiercely burned the fire on the hearth, St. Nicholas
slipped down and then up again like a lovely flashing thought, for
he was a truly marvelous person. He never stopped for a minute to
warm his hands at the fire, for Christmas Eve was a busy time for him,
and the children's nurseries were not as fascinating places then as they
are nowadays. But if Kriss Kringle should happen to come this
Christmas night to a nursery where little stockings hung around a
Bluebeard picture fireplace or one where Bible stories were told in
colored tile, then indeed he might stay for awhile to look at them. No
such delightful coloring arrested him in the old days.
   The old fireplaces were fine indeed, for they were deep and wide
enough for cosy seats within them where grandmother and grand-
father could sit snugly and watch the Yule log burn, or keep the
spit turning slowly, or knit warm mittens, or tell fairy stories. Those

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