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Stickley, Gustav, 1858-1942. / Craftsman homes

Table of contents

                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
³The Simplification of Life:² By Edward Carpenter
³The Art of Building a Home:² By Barry Parker and Raymond Unwin
A California House Founded on the California Mission Style
An Old-Fashioned House with the Dining Room and Kitchen in One .
A Small Cottage that Is Comfortable, Attractive arid Inexpensive
A Plain House that Will Last for Generations and Need but Few Repairs
A Cottage of Cement or Stone that Is Conveniently Arranged for a Small Family
Suburban House Designed for a Lot Having Wide Frontage but Little Depth
A Very Simple and Inexpensive Cottage Built of Battened Boards
A Cement House that Shows the Decorative Use of Concrete as a Framework
Cement House Showing Lavish Use of Half-Timber as a Decoration.............
Cement House Showing Craftsman Idea of Half-Timber Construction
A Comfortable and Convenient House for the Suburbs or the Country .
A Craftsman City House Designed to Accommodate Two Families................
A Craftsman Farmhouse that Is Comfortable, Homelike and Beautiful
House with Court, Pergolas, Outdoor Living Rooms and Sleeping Balconies
The Craftsman¹s House: A Practical Application of Our Theories of Home
A Small Shingled House that Shows Many Interesting Structural Features
A Roomy, Inviting Farmhouse, Designed for Pleasant Home Life in the Country
A Simple, Straightforward Design from which Many Homes Have Been Built  
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A Craftsman House in which Tower Construction Has Been Effectively Used
A Concrete Cottage Designed in the Form of a Greek Cross to Admit More Light
A Bungalow of Irregular Form and Unusually Interesting Construction .
A Roomy, Homelike Farmhouse for Lovers of Plain and Wholesome Country Life
A Plaster House upon which Wood Has Been Liberally Used
A Farmhouse Designed with a Long, Unbroken Roof Line at the Back .
Two Inexpensive but Charming Cottages for Women Who Want Their Own Homes
A Log House that Will Serve either as a Summer Camp or a Country Home.
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