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Pain, William, 1730?-1790? / Pain's British Palladio, or, The builder's general assistant : demonstrating, in the most easy and practical method, all the principal rules of architecture, from the ground plan to the ornamental finish : illustrated with several new and useful designs of houses, with their plans, elevations, and sections : also, clear and ample instructions annexed to each subject, in letter-press : with a list of prices for materials and labour, and labour only ... : the whole correctly engraved on forty-two folio copper-plates

A catalogue of modern books on architecture, &c

A Catalogue of Maodern Books on Architecture & c. Theoretical, Practical
and Ornamental; Which with the best ancient authors are constantly on sale
at I and J Taylor's Architectural Library, No. 56, High Holborn, London.
1. Dr Brook Taylor's Method of Perspective made easy, both  in Theory and
Practice: in two Books; being an attempt to make the art of perspective easy
and familiar, at adapt it entirely to the Arts of Design, and to make it
an entertaining Study to any Gentleman who shall choose so polite an amusement.
 By Joshua Kirby, Designer in Perspective to his Majesty, and Fellow of the
Royal and Antiquarian Societies.  Illustrated with Thirty-five Copper plates,
correctly engraved under the Author's Inspection.  The Third Edition, with
several Additions and Improvements.  Elegantly printed on Imperial Paper,
1l 10s, half bound
2.  The same work in two volumes, quarto, 1l 1s sewed
3. The Perspective of Architecture, a Work entirely new; deduced from the
Principles of Dr. Brook Taylor, and performed by two Rules or universal Application;
illustrated with Seventy-three Plates.  Begun by the command of his present
Majesty when Prince of Wales.  By Joshua Kirby, Designer in Perspective to
his Majesty, and Fellow of the Royal and Antiquarian Societies. Elegantly
printed on Imperial Paper, 1l 6s half bound.
4. The Description and Use of a new Instrument called the Architectonic Sector,
by which any part of Architecture may be drawn with Facility and Exactness.
 By Joshua Kirby, Designer in Perspective to his Majesty, and Fellow of the
Royal and Antiquarian Societies. .  Illustrated with twenty-five plates.
 Elegantly printed on Imperial Paper, 1l 1s half bound
5. The two frontispieces, by Hogarth, to Kirby's Perspective, may be had
separate at 5s each.
6. The Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Guide; or Repository of Designs for
Chairs, Stools, Sofas, Confidante, Duchesse, Side Boards, Pedestals and Vases,
Cellerets, Knife-cases, Desk and Book Cases, Secretary and Book Cases, Library
Cases, Library Tables, Reading Desks, Chests of Drawers, Urn Stands, Tea
Caddies, Tea Trays, Card Tables, Pier Tables, Pembroke Tables, Tambour Tables,
Dressing Glasses, Dressing tables and Drawers, Commodes, Rudd's Table, Bidets,
Night Tables, Bason Stands, Wardrobes, Pot Cupboards, Brackets, Hanging Shelves,
Fire Screens, Beds, Field Beds, Sweep Tops for ditto, Bed Pillars, Candle
Stands, Lamps, Pier Glasses, Terms for Busts, Cornices for Library Cases,
Wardrobe &c at large, Ornamented Tops for Pier Tables, pembroke Tables,
Commodes, &c &c in the plainest and most enriched Styles; with a
Scale to each, and an Explanation in Letter-Press.  Also the Plan of a Room,
shewing the proper Distribution of the Furniture.  The while exhibiting near
Three-Hundred different Designs, engraved on One Hundred and Twenty Six Folio
Plates: from Drawings from A. Heppelwhite & Co. Cabinet Makers. 2l 2s
7. The Builder's Price-Book; containing a correct List of Prices allowed
by the most eminent Surveyors in London to the several Artificers concerned
in Building; including the Journeymen's Prices.  A new Edition, corrected,
with great Additions, by an experienced Surveyor, 2s 6d sewed.
8. The Carpenter's and Joiner's Repository; or a new System of Lines and
Proportions for Doors, Windows, Chimnies, Cornices and Mouldings, for finishing
of Rooms &c &c.  A great variety of Stair-Cases, on a Plan entirely
new, and easy to be understood.  Circular Circular Soffits, flewing and winding
in straight and circular Walls, Groins, Angle Brackets, circular and elliptical
Sky-Lights; and the Method of Squaring and Preparing their circular Bars,
Shop-Fronts &c By W. Pain, Joiner. Engraved on Sixty Nine Folio Copper-Plates
16s bound.
9. The Practical Builder, or Workman's General Assistant; shewing the most
approved and easy methods for drawing and working the whole or separate Part
of any Building; as, the Use of the Tramel for Groins, Angle Brackets Niches,
&c. Length and Backing of straight or curved Hips, Trusses for Roofs,
Domes & c. Trussing of girders, Section of Floors & c. The Proportion
of the Five Orders in their general and particular Parts; Gluing of Columns;
Stair-Cases with their ramp and twisted Rails, fixing their Carriages, Newels
& c. Frontispieces, Chimney-Pieces, Ceilings, Cornices, Architraves,
&c in the newest taste; with Plans and Elevations or Gentlemen's and
Farm-Houses, Barns, & c. by W. Pain, Architect and Joiner, engraved on
Eighty-three Quarto Plates 12 s bound a new Edition, with Improvements by
the author. 
10. The Carpenter's Pocket Directory; containing the best Methods of Framing
Timbers of all Figures and Dimensions, with their several Parts; as Floors,
Roofs in Ledgments, their length and Backings; trussed roofs, Spires and
Domes,; Trussing Girders, Partitions, and Bridges, with Abutments, Centering
for Arches, Vaults & c. cutting Stone Ceilings, Groins &c. with their
Moulds: Centers for drawing Gothic Arches, Ellipses & c. With the Plan
and Sections of a Barn. Engraved on Twenty-four Plates with Explanations,
forming the most complete and useful Work of the Kind yet published. By W.
Pain,  Architect and Carpenter. 4s bound.
11. Crunden's Convenient and Ornamental Architecture consisting of Original
Designs for the Plans, Elevations, and Sections, beginning with the Farm-House,
and regularly ascending to the most grand and magnificent Villa; calculated
for both Town and Country, and to suit all persons in every Station of Life,
with a Reference, and Explanation in Letter-press of the Use of every Room
in each separate building, and the dimensions accurately figured on the Plans,
with exact Scales for the Measurement; elegantly engraved on Seventy Copper-Plates16s
12. The Country Gentleman's Architect, in a great Variety of new Designs
for Cottages, Farm-Houses, Country Houses, Villas, Lodges for Park or Garden
Entrances, and Ornamental Wooden Gates ; with Plans of the Offices belonging
to each Design; distributed with a strict Attention to Convenience, Elegance
and Economy.  Engraved on Thirty-two quarto plates , from Designs drawn by
J. Miller, Architect 10 s 6d sewed.
13. Designs in Architecture ; consisting of Plans, Elevations, and Sections
for Temples, Baths, Cassines, Pavilions, Garden Seats, Obelisks, and other
Buildings; for decorating Pleasure-Grounds, Parks, Forests &c. &c.
By John Soan. Engraved on Thirty-eight Copper-Plates, Imperial Octavo 6s
14. Grotesque Architecture ; or Rural Amusement ; consisting of Plans, Elevations,
and Sections, for Huts, Summer and Winter Hermitages, Retreats, Terminaries,
Chinese, Gothic and natural Grottos, Cascades, Rustic Seats, Baths, Mosques,
Moresque Pavilions, Grotesque Seats, Green-houses & c, many of which
may be executed with Flints, Irregular Stones, rude Branches and Roots of
Trees, containing Twenty-eight new Designs, with Scales to each.  By W. Wrighte,
Architect, Octavo 4s 6d sewed.
15. The Temple Builder's most useful Companion, containing original designs
in the Greek, Roman and Gothic Taste.  By T.C. Overton.  Engraved on Fifty
Copper Plates, Octavo 7s sewed.
16. The Carpenter's Treasure; a Collection of Designs for Temples with their
Plans, Gates, Doors, Rails, and Bridges, in the Gothic Taste, with Centers
at large for striking Gothic Curves and Mouldings, and some specimens.

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