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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds : most of which have not been figured or described, and others very little known, from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill designed
Part II (1747)

The black and white Chinese cock pheasant, with its hen,   pp. 66-[Plate] 66 ff.

Page 66

( 66 )
H E Cock is confiderably larger than our common Cock Pheafant, but fbaped
TL  much like it.
The Bill is like a Cock or Hen's, of a Yellow Colour, and dusky towards the
the Eyes are alfo yellow, encompaffed with a very broad Space of a fine Scarlet,
of Feathers, but thinly Sprinkled with Hairs, which rife in the upper Part
on each
Side in the Form of Horns, and extend backward in a Point on each Side of
the Head,
and on the Cheeks hang down like the Gills of a Cock: The. Top of the Head
the Bill backward is covered with long black Feathers, having a Purple Glofs,
hang down its Neck behind; the upper Part, qviz. the Sides of the Head, upper
of the Neck, Back, Wings, and Tail, are covered with white Feathers, each
three or four fine black Lines running one within an other, parallel to the
outer Cir-
cumfcrence of the Feathers, as exprefied in the Figure, except the greater
Quill Fea-
thers, and the outer Feathers of the Tail, which have oblique Bars and Dalhes
of Black,
as the Figure likewife expreffeth; the two upper Feathers of the Tail are
white; the
under Side, from the Bill to the Coverts beneath the Tail, is- Black, with
a Purple
Glofs, narrow on the Throat, but increafing in its Weadth to the Breaft and
Belly; the
Legs and Feet are of a fine Scarlet Colour, and it hath Spurs like the common
of a white Colour.
The Hen is Something lefs than the Cock, her Bill of a yellowifl Brown, as
her Eyes, with a bare red Space about them, as in the Cock, but not nigh
fo broad;
the Crown of the Head is covered with, dark-brown Feathers, hanging a little
behind; the Throat, and Sides of the Head beneath the red Space, is whitifh;
all the
Neck, Breat, Back, Wings, and middle Feathers of the Tail, are of a reddifh
except the greater Quills, which incline to dufky, and thofe next the Body
Nvith Black, the Belly and Side Feathers of the Tail are of a dirty White,
but fomething confufedly mixed with Dufky or Black; the Legs and Feet are
red, as
in the Cock, but not fo bright, nor hath it any Spurs.
Thefe curious Birds were kept many Years by Sir Hans Sloane at his Houfe
Londo-n, where they hatched young ones, and brought them to Maturity. The
Cock of
tllis Bird hath been figured and described by ATbin, in his Hiflory of Birds,
ol III.
Haag. 35. but as I have made fome Corredions both in the Figure awi DLfcription,
and have adkled to it the Hen, which is there wanting; I hope the Curious
will not
think my Labour loft- Albin hath given his a Tail much too 1hort, and bath
Wlo Way precife in figuring the red Space round the Eye; no: hath hle mentioned
Sgured the curious particular Marks on the white Feathers; and tht Spurs
he bath
alfo omitted. 'Tis probable he only faw this Bird in a Y5'rd walking, and
toAk his
Sketch from it there, fo could not be fo particular as I had Opportunity
to l ^, there
Lirds being the Property of my good Patron, whofic Houfe I frequented, and
i) d Op-
portunity often to repair my Draughts, by ftria2ly examining thcai in their
utv Parts, not only while they. were living, but after they were dead,

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