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Koch, Lewis, 1949- / Lewis Koch, notes from the stone-paved path : meditations on north India

[Notes from Lewis Koch],   pp. 12 and 13-40 and 41

Page 22 and 23

A Note on Death
Death is not death when it is met in the leap
from logic on the rim of circular being
towards the far centre of the hourless deep
where time surrenders all hearing and seeing;
thus Jalaluddin Rumi, after
he sought the word from Shamas of Tabriz
circa 1260 AD.  Laughter
welled among traditional certainties.
Rumi threw his books away, saying
"The sufi's learning is not literacy
and letters."  The ulema's firm praying
and doctrines stood without complexity:
"Heretics wind in strange ways and turns,
lost to the yes and no of grave concerns."
Nothing happens without a negation
though this could come in positive wear.
Think how time renders concert as the sun
pairs opposites through the mortal year:
spring is the absence of winter's folding cold
when the sunlight proclaims departed snows;
autumn's sun bids the leaves farewell, and old
indigent trees abide the vanished rose.
The yes-no-yes of our dimdrawn lives
is all there is to the grandeur of history,
the negations with their positive drives
are not a mirror to the laws of mystery.
There is only then to unravel and know
the private heart of death before we go.
Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, 1996.
Rakshat Puri.  In the chronicles.  Poems.  1978.
Page 71.

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