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Koch, Lewis, 1949- / Lewis Koch, notes from the stone-paved path : meditations on north India

Rider, Robin E.
Preface,   p. 7

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Curator of Special Collections
We in the Department of Special COllections are pleased to honor the 32nd
Conference on South Asia, organized by the Center for South Asia, University
Wisconsin-Madison, with an exhibit that showcases the work of photographer
Koch, "Notes from the Stone-Paved Path: Meditations on North India."
 In this project
Koch has paired photographs he made in the north of India in 1995-96 with
photographed from books pertaining to this region among the holdings of Memorial
This keepsake features a selection of Koch's striking photograph-pairs, along
a bibliography of the books in question, some fifty in the full project.
The books them-
selves speak to themes ranging from agricultural economics and autobiography
to sociol-
ogy and visual studies, and reflect sensibilities from the mid-19th century
to scholarship
of the late 20th century.  A larger set of Koch's photographic diptychs,
matched with
books from Memorial Library, is on display in the Department of Special Collections,
976 Memorial Library, September 22-- November 7, 2003.
Many thanks are due to Lewis Koch for making his imaginative project available
to a larger audience through the exhibit and this keepsake, and to Larry
Ashmun and
Geraldine Laudati of the General Library System for initiating the Library's
We join with them in thanking Vinay Dharwadker, director of the Center for
Asia, and Joseph Elder, professor of languages and cultures of Asia and of
University of Wisconsin-Madison, for enriching this keepsake with their essays,
and the
Center for South Asia and the General Library System for supporting the publication
this keepsake.  It is a pleasure as well to thank Don Johnson of Library
and Jill Rosenshield of Special Collections for their valuable assistance
in producing the
keepsake and the exhibit.

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