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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: the arts of activism

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A Modern Guide
to the Perplexed
lrgY      l      cio
I SyCINC-ac D  Rl
There is only one magazine in this
country that issue after issue
publishes the research & insights
of sociologists, psychologists.
political scientists. economists. &
anthropologists into the important
events & major issues of our time.
That magazine is Trans-action the
national magazine of the social
Trans-action is an exciting new combi-
nation-a scholarly journal and a gen-
eral-interest magazine.
Like a scholarly journal, its authors
are academicians (like Robert Coles,
Kenneth Keniston, David Riesman,
Howard Becker, Oscar Lewis, Robert
Jay Lifton, and Herbert Gans).
Like a general-interest magazine, its
articles are chosen for their importance
and wide appeal, then edited lor clar-
ity, and illustrated with artwork from
leading photographers & artists.
In Trans-action you can read origi-
nal articles, with all the supporting
evidence & absorbing details that intel-
ligent readers want-articles that are
as clear & as lively as those in mass-
circulation magazines.
If you don't want to spend next year
missing articles like those Iisted below
why not subscribe right now?
If you had been receiving Trans-action
during the past year, you would have
Most People don't want u hat Architects want
What are Museums for?
Mao and the Death of the Revolution
The Importance of Soul to Negroes
Hollywcood's Neu Social Criticism
T V. Sets with Twenty Channels
Psychosexual Development
Sexual Assault in the Philadelphia Prison System
Cuba 10 Years After ... A Special Issue
Here is my subscription order:
Name     .   .               .. ..
Address                .     . ..
.      . . . . . . . . .  . ...  ..  .  . ..  . .. .  .. .
City              State       Zip Code
I1 year at $8.50; E1 2 years at $15;
0  3 years at $21. 0 Check enclosed.
2 Bill me later.
Add $1.50 per year for foreign delivery.
Box A, Rutgers University, New Bruns-
wick, New Jersey.

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